The violent attack from Abu Jamra on Aoun and Bassil

Former deputy, Major General Issam Abu Jamra, said: "we may come into a union against Aishis. The problem today is Gibran Basil's teacher, not Bassil, who is suffering from schizophrenia t . "

He said that in an interview with mtv, "Bassil will have a" childish behavior "and that his complexity will not continue to be achieved. In this case, the Council of Ministers will not agree to it. airPlan. The plan was called Ammar to go on when Bassil was in the Ministry of Power and "Shabaa Hakki".

Abu Jamra said: "An electronic file is a wrong thing and I have been involved in one of the leaders when I was an energy minister." The staircase is today from it. , not from above. Without motions when talking about Christians' rights. "

"The Aoun is probably not political in visiting Bashar al-Assad and he can send any message to him through the Syrian ambassador," he said.

"God supports you and I always look at Laura," said Abu Jamra to Aoun.


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