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«Tkweet» Consultation posts in the oil sector … Essential

«Tkweet» Consultation posts in the oil sector … Essential

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Experts and audiences have called for the benefit of oil pensioners, with long-standing experience in Kuwait, who have provided international training, education and courses in hundreds of thousands of deeper doctors. what it currently does, and the setting of consultation positions, even for time, saving millions of consultations and foreign offices.
Sources told Al-Rai that the oil sector has taken a new step after a huge number of experts and leavers, and some departments are needed to support them. T is currently by taking advantage of previous oil knowledge as official advisers for these sectors or firms rather than taking millions of dinners in offices or councilors. outdoors. .
The sources showed that they have real Kuwaiti experiences with fingerprints during their working hours, and they can contribute to a great deal of current efforts and benefit from their expertise and expertise. every section of oil.
"There is a long list of recognized leaders, and they can be selected according to the needs of each project, company or department," she said.
She confirmed that the oil sector on the threshold of major challenges has left the enterprising leadership in the Body Petroleum to take advantage of every opportunity available, and measure another, for the sector in the region. Oil to convert to advisory roles.

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