Waiting for a quiet session without trying to & # 39; Policy Cabinet today

The Ministers' Council will hold a regular session by today's Presidential Serail with Prime Minister Saad Hariri's head, The first meeting of the government «to work» is held at the headquarters of the third president, and although the agenda of the meeting is commonplace, the General considered that there are no important meetings , and considered that all meetings held are important and essential, especially that there are more than fifty subjects in the agenda.

The source added that the sources were expected to be Prime Minister Hariri; summarizing the Council on meeting results in Sharm el-Sheikh on the part that he participated in the " Arabian opposition, and indicated that a taxonomy topic could be built. The Council may also refer to the posts of the European Union's CEO for Foreign Affairs and Security, Frederica Mugherini, during his trip to Beirut, particularly in terms of Providing support and assistance to Lebanon in the areas K S-

The sources considered that the government is still at the beginning of its work and in front of many subjects in which decisions can be made, including completing some occupations, in particular that the Prime Minister Hariri try to do the government's success by giving the ideas of government members and the controversial issues at the time Through work to remove the difference of ideas so that you can agree in a balanced way .

In terms of its ability to & # 39; Building a file of financial invitations against President Fouad Siniora in today's meeting, the sources considered that it is the responsibility of ministers.

Future inventory stores reinforced that these allegations opposed disturbance to the & # 39; Prime Minister Hariri and explained that the Future Position Block position clearly demonstrates the position of the current current leader Mr Hariri, in particular that there is a direct political goal on the Future. Last week through the Constitutional Council decision he decided to challenge a complaint; member of the Dima Jamali member, and stressed the sources rejected by the Prime Minister to discuss the scope of those targets.

The sources indicated that Siniora has all its hosted files in certificates and figures for answering in the # 39; His press conference to be held next Friday in the Media Syndicate on the campaigns of conviction and terrorism, which is just open, and says that he will put the points on the letters, in particular that The recognized record and the people for the state and its money, despite the problems that have been in care and are still today.


In his activity, Prime Minister Hariri was at midnight at the office of her & Grand Serail, a delegation group from the Trustees Board of the Makassed Society, with President of the University, Dr. Faisal Snow, who said after the meeting: We congratulated her. Prime Minister Hariri on the establishment of the government. , And we also faced the economic problem of Lebanon's Lebanese, and Mr Hariri has shown all his answers to help us on some issues and issues.

He also received representation from the Board of Directors of the tobacco and tobacco room, with the head of Nassif Saqlawy, who said after the meeting: "We gave information to Prime Minister Hariri on the modernization steps we are doing businessly and the sustainable development program that covered the majority of Libanus departments. A copy of the full administration income from the date we got the job.

"We thank First Minister Hariri to support the photo show that will take place on March 15 at the House House Beirut in Sodeco. This is a competition that will be hundreds of professional amateur and professional professional practitioners. It was also an event where we put the picture he won in the first prize last year.

In the name of President Michel Aoun, the former Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Fouad Fleifel, attended the members of his family, Honors the Cedar National Medal with senior officer status, in recognition of his position and offering for more than three decades of State Administration.

Prime Minister Hariri had received a delegation group including: Mufti from Hasbaya and Marjayoun Sheikh Hassan Dali and the judge of Hasbaya Sharia Ismail Dali and President of the Arqoub Township Union and Sheba Mohammed Saab and Mukhtar district.

Al-Mufti explained that the representation represented the First Minister on the creation of government and considered a number of life issues belonging to the Al-Arqoub division. He said all responses in this regard.

He also met the Court Advocate, Judge Samir Hammoud, who stated that the investigation dealt with his / her work; a public lawsuit, in particular the files that are considered.

Prime Minister Hariri received a representation from the Lebanese Doctors Association Council – Free Tripoli and Freedom Unions Federation in the North, and # 39; Speaking on behalf of the influence of the Lebanese Doctors – Dr. North North, who explained that the purpose of the visit was to support the 44th conference of What will be held in Lebanon and Tripoli, with support from Prime Minister Hariri. Our Prime Minister tells us that we intend to continue to work together to contribute to the development, not just health and health, but as a whole, as we believe that the north side is part important part of Lebanon. , Is the hands of Prime Minister Hariri, as well as the Joint Council of Ministers. We are trying to establish a sort of union between us, and we are currently doing it; Looking at ways to reinforce it, with the aim of collaboration, under the Lebanese government cover.

He also received the International Association of International Engineers of Petroleum, Dr. Sami Al-Naim, who wished to succeed Prime Minister Hariri in Lebanon's quiver for oil detection and promised to visit Lebanon the following year and indicate that she had gone to Lebanon. Find the first source of gas, especially when the drilling process starts in December this year.

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