What is cold for children at home?

What is cold for children at home?

What is cold for children at home?

Children are often open to cold either due to cold weather or a weak defensive system, and sometimes they will not get cure, especially if the viral disease is, what other natural things to cure cold to natural and at home? Do not recommend herb tea for children under six, and talk to the doctor in advance.

Drink of milk and almonds

Squirrels of almonds crush well until they are powder and then mixed with milk and small deer casualties for the child 3 times a day to return.

Chopped drink

Boil 2 cups of water with 3 coconut lunches. Leave for 15 minutes and then cook for your child to get rid of the cold due to their antiseptic properties, to enhance and taste the body's protection.

Drink ginger and cinnamon

One of the most well-known herbs known for respiratory treatment due to antiseptic houses, anti-inflammatory companies and essential nutrients that are infected. strengthen their body. Make ginger panels with a broken lobster of cannon. Put the mixture into a bowl over low heat. Put two water cups and mix. Boil for 5 minutes, then higher, leave cool, then save and then give it a little for 3 days.

Suit lion and honey

Make liqueur tablets of lemon juice with three natural lunch tables. Keep the mix in a glass jar and take a tableboard of the daily mix for the baby and keep her, Surplus surplus to use. There is a high degree of C bumper in which a & # 39; bringing her body away and her & # 39; eliminate viruses.

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