With this project, Sharp goes into phone parking

A range of mobiles is seeing the strength of the competition between the giants of technology such as Samsung and Huawei, while Sharp is making its way into the path by innovating landscape. T industries.
While companies in the range of phone packages are limited to results that convert to PCs with a tablet when they are flexible as the Galaxy and MetX, Sharp prototype publishes for a small phone, so that made.
Depending on the video submitted by the technical "Info – Info", the device is coming with a display screen which is 6.18 "Omled", foldable from the center.
The screen is made up of 3040 tracks in 1440 pixels, and the screen was inspected 300,000 times, making it up to 8.2 years old.
According to Sharp, the commercial version of the phone may be finished in years, although it may be more difficult to alter the final version of a mobile.

Sky News

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