LeBron James reveals information on retiring HYPEBEAST


LeCron never lent his position since he left Los Angeles Lakers this summer, although he has fulfilled his accomplishment of those ideas, but He is not sure that even with Superman. The body, the LeBron James, who is 33 years old, has gone to count on his retirement, and how long & # 39 ; this account will be reduced, LeBron James allowed some of the statements to proceed when interviews were made earlier.

LeBron James said he hopes to stay with the eldest son of Bronny James in the NBA. "I'd like to see my son playing with me. He is currently in grade 8. If he continues on this road, he can enter the NBA in 5 no 6 years old, and that's amazingly amazing. Not only for me, for my family, but for anyone, so we can see it. Indeed, he looks after it. body is the first priority, and we will continue to maintain our heart, but more importantly, If your heart is not more prolonged, your body will be abandoned by a half. "And it is has said it has been done through his own efforts and the efforts of the team to achieve this state, and finally it can be cool Cool.

According to the age of 19 to enter the NBA, Bronny James, aged 14, may have to enter the league after five years. -they. If this establishment is LeBron James as a contract for retiring, it will be 38 years at least, and then the ecology of its affiliates must be completely different from the day today, and & # 39; readers may want an interest to pay more attention.

Also, look at returning to the Chousins ​​Marcus to the surgery after Christmas.

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