Lee Nguyen plays as a club owner in the United States


Lee Nguyen plays as a club owner in the United States

The Esports town has made a great deal of contact when the US team crew, Lee Nguyen, has officially become an owner of Gradient Esports Club. It is thought that it is a big step to go to # 39; earn money for this talented middle yard. Lee Nguyen will go into the management of Esports Gradient Club. He has 32 turned off this year, but Lee Nguyen has not decided to hang shoes but he is also converted to a team for the United States.

Since returning to the United States, Lee Nguyen's role has been so big

Since the 2018 season, Lee Nguyen has played 12 games for Los Angeles FC and won one goal. Previously, in 2005 after being nominated as the best player in the UK, Lee Nguyen was summoned to the U20 national football team to attend the World Youth Championship in the Netherlands. Then, in June 2007, Lee was summoned to the US and participated in America's American Cup. In this competition it was replaced twice against Paraguay and Colombia.

In early 2015, Lee was recalled to the US after a successful New England Revolution club. In 2016, he had two productions in two friendly games before leaving the team the same year. Previously, Lee Nguyen has played a series of renowned Vietnamese team for HAGL, B.BD. And then he got a lot of offers up to $ 100,000 per year, but he decided to play in the US in 2012. Since then, Lee Nguyen often played the list of players. Professional football show American

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