Legal framework for cancer control


When it comes to the supervision of high frequency infections, it is usually a recommended legal framework that allows us to; prevention and treatment through health measures that affect people and the community. Also for the government to design and implement public health strategies that are sustainable and continuity, for health insurance that need resources to fund the activities. When the disease is common and causing a high dying, these legal initiatives must be well established and enjoy social and political agreement.

This year we have indicated that transgender laws are an aggressive medicine that recommended the formula to control the & # 39; wear and the mother and the child who established the foundations to reduce weakness and death of babies through a ' giving partic food. Both successful and successful campaigns The social impact of social justice Eduardo Cruz Coke was during the reign of Arturo Alessandri Palma in 1938, shortly before finishing his term.

Law in a health area can affect the freedom and devolution of people because they need to know privately and put them in secret danger, restrict their movement with some disturbance to prevent infection or vaccinated. Communities also suffer from restrictions for similar reasons, as well as their. impact on inequality and higher costs.

In the case of cancer, complex illness and decomposition, the World Health Organization (GLOBOCAN) has planned 53,320 new cases in Chile by 2018, together with 28,443 deaths and a five year period of 135,618 people still live. with the case. As a cause of death, he is already the first in five areas of the country.

This disease has led to advances in policies with exciting results in barriers, advanced constraints on tobacco use, early diagnosis in women's canals and allocation of resources to identify commitments (AUGE, Ricarte Soto Law for high-cost drugs). Everything that has been sent, however, leaves areas of great inequality and a problem between criticism and intervention, Opening opportunities for enhancing gaps through the use of irregular resources. In the end, it is even more dramatic when families and communities have huge costs to deal with non-effective approaches.

Without a culture of rationality that balances the efficiency and cost of the media being used, we will; fall in a more complex position. This is a case with the legal legal name that is & # 39; including cure, a global format that causes a very difficult case when they go between the courts and then; trying to make health rights fundamental. This conflict of abilities, alongside many other ways, requires you to have a legal framework to make cancer with reusability and breadth. There are research queries, population records and hospital, civic community partnership and public-private partnerships, cost analysis, human resource training and many others, which will be enhanced by the Common Law of Cancer.

There is a parliamentary shift in already a number of years ago which is a cross-cutting support in & # 39; Transport, the Ministry of Health is working on a new National Management Plan that comes out with a lot of collaboration and Piñera President has publicly supported his / her transfer last parliamentary.

It is the time for action to bring this bill for better control of cancer in Chile.

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