TRENTON – New Jersey officially has a step closer to legal action after a committee of 26 legislators agrees with a bill to regulate a marijuana, tax and its illegal.

The Senate's budget committee accepted the bill by votes 7 to 4, with two convictions, largely alongside party lines. The Senate's budget committee abolished the ballot bill 7 to 2, with one impediment.

"This will inspire the economy of New Jersey as it has never been there," said Senator Bill. Nicholas Scutari, D-Union. "We've been on board an historical event here, starting something and creating jobs as we have not done any other legislation. We have that opportunity.

He said: "We need to get rid of our sand. We need to be aware that we do not have to do it just work."

The next step is on the floor on the floor in the two rooms that may come as early as the next month – and then by the Government, Phil Murphy, is enacted.

However, Murphy has yet to agree to the bill, despite his general support for his legacy. At an unconnected news conference on Monday morning, the government refused to comment on the things that were relevant to the legislation, It offers only "it was encouraged to move in the right way."

"It's too early to tell how it is related to the elements that are at the end of the inscription there," said Murphy, who has been in charge of -give about how to regulate a new business and what it costs. "We see, but we're glad to see the progress."

It is also unclear if the legal bill in the Senate or the Assembly is sufficiently voting to & # 39; passing. Although the case has been played largely out of party lines, many of the famous Democrats are the legal counterpart of marijuana.

"I knew this was the beginning of a debate. It may not complete its process but it will start the process," said Sen. Paul Sarlo, D-Bergen, sentenced from a vote. "I do not believe we are still there."

Much of the State – from the meeting rooms and pouring into the centers – was packed near wall-to-wall with activists who have marijuana on their minds.

"We have been a major change here in New Jersey," said Assemblyman John Burzichelli, D-Gloucester, who chairs the Budget Committee of the Assembly. "It's been a long way but today we've done something very important, and not something that has been made irresponsible or irresponsible. As we go through this bill, there is a lot thinking. "

USING USING New Jersey will live in Trenton to cover the events, so update this page or mark it for updating throughout the day.

Ronald Rice, D-Essex, has been a foolish opponent on anything legal since a debate about the issue that first struck with a fever disease. He'll send her & # 39; The "slap in the face to people of color" bill did not take care of any regular person living in a urban area.

"No one is going out to talk to parents of day and pre-school care. The people [in the Statehouse] the people who have been talking over and over again, "said Rice." The finals of the marijuana recreational pursuits are to make more money for white investors. "

Check the current live below. I will not see it? Look out here!

Rice has been working with New Jersey's careful handling of Marijuana Policy, a State Chapters on Gay Conversations about Marijuana, a national advocacy agency and a marijuana legal protest. U.S. Former Representative Peter Kennedy III, D-Rhode Island, also tested on behalf of his team.

"How can it help us to do a commercial drug that is commercially promoted to use more people," Kennedy said in an interview. "I just think it's a bad public policy. I'm a father of five children and I do not want this material to be actively activated. The tobacco is a big new. "

Sheriff County Mastronardy Sheriff said that the New Jersey departments might need to investigate potential officers over the state lines, because he has already been struggling to be "a & # 39; getting credible people into our campaigns ".

Sir Monmouth County Sheriff, Shaun Golden, said that there were unplanned costs, as local towns needed more experts to re-appoint an expert – police officers were specifically trained to get -and a drug-driven driver – and its office designation to carry out research through handhelds as part of the revision of the legislation on the collapse process.

"We need to deal with money down at law enforcement, to allow staff to train and attract," said Golden. "All your local towns need to cover some of that cost. … The closest thing we need to find is. This will mean the costs for the local towns that we need to cover as long as training officers are. "

It is a testimony to a former legislative committee that was formerly a collector in Rhode Island, Patrick Kennedy, who opposes the use of revival of marijuana. Monday, November 26, 2018 (Photograph: Kevin R. Wexler /

Here's what you need to know how to enter your email address; The jerseys of the New Jersey bottle committees today:

What are the bills?

Three marijuana bills are debated for the Monday budget budget committee.

DIVE IN: A detailed overview of the marijuana accounts for a vote

Every eye on a S-2703 bill, which would make it up to 1 ounce of marijuana to be owned and used at home or in specific areas. It will set up a 12 per cent tax rate on & # 39; Buying a marijuana, but towns could also add a 2 per cent tax.

The bill also wants an electronic filing system for marijuana crimes that would now become legal.

The skipper's medical marijuana expansion bile would expand a medical median from 2 oz to 3 oz in each patient, it will allow inclusive labels of medical marijuana for adults and jump out the licensing process for workers and markets medical marijuana.

LOCAL: bricce voting on medical marijuana dating back by 2019

A third bile, S-3205, focuses solely on its & # 39; lost. If it was signed to law, it would make more offenses that could be able to go out – and including crimes that fall off; tackle dangerous hazards – and spend time waiting for five years. It also includes a "clean slate" process that will eliminate all offenses at the same time for anyone with a clean record for 10 years after and # 39; last offenders. Many crimes would not be more difficult.


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What does NJ leave out?

If the legal marijuana bill is signed to law as it was written, one of the lowest effective tax rates in the Country of the State Plant would be one. Oregon, California, Michigan and Massachusetts are sending arms, sales or other taxes that are in the public domain. contributing to more than 15 per cent. At least 25 percent in other states, including Washington, Nevada and Colorado have tax rates.

Allowances would also allow individual "waste areas" where marijuana customers can use the material, as long as the town can disagree. This has been a worrying concern in another legal relations state, where marijuana users can only use the drug at home.

ALL WORKSHOP: The cannabis clubs and marijuana buses that do anything legal at the next NJ wind trip

And New Jersey just had a & # 39; fourth state with legal couples delivery services, which allow access to; deposit unions in a fleet of secure delivery vehicles or the recruitment of independent sellers.

The rules are tight, so this is not Lyft or DoorDash of marijuana.


Angela Colandrea of ​​Sayreville plans to enter the cainn business with a delivery service called & # 39; Weed on the Way & # 39;
Staff video by Bob Karp

What happens in a committee hearing?

Initially, the committee will hear from staff of people who give a few minutes of certainty – usually to reading a written statement – as a support or challenge against legal law, medical marijuana and loose bills.

These certificates can be followed by questions or ideas from legislators.

After hearing everyone – or if the chairs of the chairs are governed they have heard enough – there will be a time for a vote. Most constitutionalities will Provide a few minutes of rationalization before sending their vote, so we will definitely know why they are; vote for or against anything legal.

What's left for figures out?

There are two main points, largely between the legislation and Murphy's office.

Although legislators who welcome anything legal have agreed to 12 per cent of taxes, Murphy's administration expects a 25 tax level in his first 2018-19 state budget. It is not clear if the government supports your bill that is; including a tax level of less than half the same plan planned by the administration.

MORE: Murphy, lawyers who strike legal marijuana bills

The second case is the creation of a Cannabis Management Commission. According to a legal bill, the five-panel panel would watch cannabis in New Jersey, from sale to licenses to bankruptcy and regulations.


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According to Politico, Murphy's office opposes the creation of a panel like this because it would "power" away from [governor’s office] so that they can control their business. "

"I do not think we have the same page with the administration," said President Stephen Sweeney, D-Gloucester, last week, saying that the both sides "98 per cent". "We talked about this too long, and we're ready to start the process."

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