Legal Morning in Zimbabwe Preventing capital conviction on his & her; Justice


Solicitors in Zimbabwe made a march on Tuesday's constitutional court to make a complaint about the & # 39; The case was rejected for hundreds of people arrested in a violent ban on objections that the country closed.

Police reported that more than 1,000 people were arrested on the campaigns against the sharp rise in fuel prices that started two weeks ago. Solicitors say many of them are involved in the & # 39; dismissed prison after death, and others brought to unequal hearings throughout the country.

A prominent lawsuit and activist who was convicted by a subordinate and accused for the campaigns, Evan Mawarire, gave bail after more than a week in custody. He could be 20 years imprisoned. His lawyer declined the allegations against him.

Japhet Moyo, Secretary General of Zimbabwe Craft Unions Congress, also impedes a subordinate election. He stayed in custody.

Human rights lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, said that justice and justice actions were "co-ordinated" to suspect.

They killed dozens of gown furniture in a & # 39; Harare's capital, how the police disliked a riot. "Abolish the courts from the army," read one of the legal signs. "Not to order justice," read another.

Some lawyers placed their mouth with paper pieces written by the word "injustice".

The petition lawyer on Zimbabwe's prime rights, Luke Malaba, said he has been common to hear about conviction of basic rights and the relevant freedom of those arrested and suspected of being involved in the games. "

The lawyers said that abuse with the army and the police involved in a '# 39; abolition of suspects or close relatives, rape and grief of the suspects to disrupt the riot, the conviction of convicted persons.

Later on, the Zimbabwe lawyers for Human Rights said the lawyer and national defender, Amos Chibaya, had restarted soon after he had been rescued on bail on public violence costs and now he will charge a tax.

"Indeed Zimbabwe is a country of its own laws," said the lawyers group on Twitter.

An American Bar Association said he was "very worried" about the riot in Zimbabwe. "Confidant reports show that many of the arrested are being tried in groups of 50 or more and are entitled to trust and to keep the consultation told their lawyers, "said president ABA, Bob Carlson, in a statement.

"In some cases, he said that lawyers have not been told about the costs against their clients in advance, and it is not clear whether there is a need to prove guilty of these bad actions."

Reports on detainee misconduct followed by security forces, with the military used extensively in poor towns and work classes. Doctors and others have reported at least 12 deaths and more than 300 people are injured, scores with guns.

Zimbabwe authorities have said it is not a military and a police that carries out any violent but "soft elements" in stolen dress that aims to destroy the image of the nation's security forces.

Nelson Chamisa's prime opponent said to the reporters that the burial grounds "party's" case, and did not succeed in his conversation with his / her. President Emmerson Mnangagwa after banning an election election last year.

Chamisa said he had a party on her. Reporting case to South African divisional battle, no response.

"I do not know how many groups are expected to be killed, I do not know what level of blood is there that flows in Harare, "he told reporters.

Police spokesman, Charity Charamba, protested by Chamisa, argued that some of the party's campaigners were arrested and convicted for a bus to burn among the worries.

Following reports on women who were set up by security forces in a breakdown, Charamba said the police were examines one case of sexual abuse. She urged victims of crime to report to the police.

Many people who suffer from sexual violence are unhappy to be able to; coming to the police of the police or the government to be frightened.

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