Leipzig: "Aldi Ruiseach" I'm opening again – with great luck


The first branch of the "Russen-Aldi" was only closed in Germany again. Now the re-opening has been new problems.

"Russians-Aldi" was repeated again – but immediately some things will go wrong

15:02: At the second opening of the "Russians-Aldi" Mere in Leipzig, things went wrong again. After he / she can close to & # 39; a concessionary shop for two days because the delivery washing machine, and # 39; opened his shop on Wednesday.

However, the re-opening was also partakers in front of empty shelves. For example, there was not enough word, as reported by bild.de. A spokesman for the defender, according to their ports, said the reasons for the shelves were empty: "We did not expect but a huge crowd. Many goods were sold out."

It seems unlikely that the branch is open all the time right now. The spokesman bild.de said: "We can not be able to abolish it's coming back to delivery problems."

Back and forth at "Russen-Aldi" Further: open the German branch

Updated from 6 February, 11.29 clock: After difficulties with suppliers, the "Mere" Ruicy "discounter" had to have its first store in Leipzig. But after the temporary closure, its branch origins have now been opened. Users can now buy again in a & # 39; market "Mere" in Leipzig, after the arrival of new products, as the speaker of a Wednesday company said.

Torgservis, a Russian parent company, which works according to its own information in outside Europe and Asia 928, has opened in the previous week in Leipzig, the first branch of the " Aldi Russian "in German. In terms of discounting, there were many vortex in advance.

Due to poor delivery lovers, their starting point in Leipzig had to close Monday after just a week for two days. A large number of items have already been sold as a result of the high demand in the first day, explained its & # 39; company.

The so-called "Aldi Russians" only offers food at low prices in the majority. Air-conditioned, less than 1000 square meters, clothing, drug articles and household goods are sold. The TS-Markt subsidiary of Germany wants to open after starting in Leipzig with other measures in the eastern part of Germany. However, concrete plans have not been identified on Wednesday.

Leipzig is not only about a week closing – that's a company says

Updated from February 5, 11:42: On Monday, the "Mere" discounted Russian resounding store closed the doors after just a week – just for two days. Now those who are responsible for reporting the breakdown are.

"We did not expect the accident in the first day," said a Monday company spokesman Central German newspaper from Halle. A number of materials were sold. The ambitions stated that bottle tools with long delivery routes from Eastern Europe to the speaker said: "There are no problems with foreign providers."

A trading expert at Leipzig University has talked to the newspaper about deeper problems with Mere. "The logistics costs can be in one thing, at least 100, but there may be 200 to 300 branches," Gerd Hessert, an honorary professor for trade management, warned in the MZ even before the source was in Leipzig was released.

It is possible that this risk is now apparent. From Monday, the only Germany only will be opened again – so at least according to the warnings posted at the company's plan business (see below).

Leipzig: "Russians-Aldi" There is a tight mistake after just a week

Updated from 4th February: "Dearmakers, despite the big demand, close our branch on 04.02.2019 and 05.02.2019", he says on their doorstep, who is hung on a closed door and the first Mere branch at her; Germany at 260 Tauchaer Straße in Leipzig,

There is a note that gives information about & # 39; a recent "Mere" temporary closing.

© dpa / Jan Woitas

There should be around 100 shops, he said. But even the first is it; struggling with delivery problems. That is obvious the reason for closing. "We respond promptly, but we need to be aware that our providers also need a key time," he says on the note, which is the pictureThere is a newspaper available. A shop, which has only been opened on January 30, now wants to re-open on Wednesday (6 February).

Mere wanted to provide the set-ups such as Aldi and Lidl to fight. But it is clear that it must be turned off.

Less in Leipzig: Experts have been outweighed for "Russians-Aldi"

Updated from 2 February, 2:31 pm f: Does the concept of "Aldi Russian" be very good for a & # 39; supported in the German market? Certain experts are certain there – and for a variety of reasons, like that the world report. Therefore, the offers are in unusual XXL formats such as 1.7 kilograms of tuna in sunflower oil or 2.5 kilograms of black-frozen anything whatsoever but a market. These amounts are only suitable for large families or special events such as celebration.

The trademark of Thomas Roeb of the University of Applied Sciences Medal-Rhein-Siege sees Mere as a "stock hunter". Handelshochschule Leipzig, Eric Maier, a youth professor, complains about a wide variety of materials: "It includes most B materials from Germany and Polish material and the Czech Republic. " Aldi, Lidl and Co, on the other hand, have been protected in recent years leaving classical swampers and would now offer new goods and branded products.

This is also due to the development in Germany, as consumers increasingly improve better quality instead of bargains. For example, former headteacher Rewe recently recalled that the income situation for millions of families would be so slow, "they would like to spend some of them for a bottle of wine and a larger steak." Maier wants to be a new rival the world but he does not write off: "For users who want to save, a trip to Mere can be another place."

Another problem of the "Russians-Aldi": Due to a lack of extensive distribution, customers needed to travel a long time. In comparison, 90 percent of the Germans could reach a discount shop within fifteen minutes. So, Roeb warns him: "The idea of ​​low-priced food markets, others already have been, but they can not get involved."

Video: Users say this to the new "Aldi Russian"

"Russen-Aldi" in Germany: Mere also sells Tupperware and frozen food

Updated from 2 February, 8:58 am: Opposite a Leipzig shopkeeper of the Russian indigenous group, Torgservis appears to have been; running well. In the meantime, the only one – one – called "Russen-Aldi" images – on arrival. These show: As well as many of the products that were sold exclusively from pallets, there are also products that could be offered in the # 39; Germany. The range also includes Tupperware in different colors and directories from the freezer. Among the biggest markets is to include 2000 messages.

Tupperware is offered: The Mere market is so different from Aldi around the corner.

© dpa / Hendrik Schmidt

Greater was frozen: opened to & # 39; the first branch of Aldi's Alba in Leipzig.

© dpa / Hendrik Schmidt

"Aldi Ruiseach" in Germany: the cabaret artist will bring new calibrators on the grain

Updated from February 1, 9: 45f: The Russians, Mere's first tear on high altars began in Germany – the hype now also causes sorrow: "The famous Bavarian Helmet Helmet Schleich" artist, but especially German behavior , for a presentation to the "Radio Tips" show In the transit Bayern2 taken to the grain.

"From this Tuesday it is there, the Russian," said Schleich, who looked at the fear of the Soviet Union in the Cold War, which was helped for decades. "The engine gets the best engine oil, the body needs to handle the cheapest salad oil – and wherever it is, the Russian, "he mocked the conduct of the German-owned shops. Critically (see below) It was still unlikely: "There's no complaint to go with us!"

"There are no branches in East Germany. Why? Because the rents are too high in the west," Schleich "is locked in lock." Look! High rents will be protected by the Russians. Yes, that means we could all be completely moved and NATO if we had such rent before the Berlin Wall fell like it is today? "The cabaret artist was completed – who adhered to the US Friday service from the Russian armistice agreement.

Mere's best in the quality inspection – these recommendations are donated by an expert

Update from February 1, 2019, 6:32 m: Since the first Mere branch was opened in the & # 39; Germany, a beautiful "Russen-Aldi" award winning a & # 39; key issue. Comparative prices have shown that Mere wants a lot less on goods such as milk, milk and coffee are low cost mitigators such as Aldi or Lidl (in the list below there is an overview of its & # 39; comparison between prices).

But what about the quality of the products at all prices dumped? And what about things with a "B-Ware" leaflet? The "Focus" news portal to answer these questions and, with the help of an expert, tells how cheap prices are even possible.

For example, Mere offers Kilo Schnitzel (B-Ware) for around three patients or 500 g meatloaf for less than one euro. Is the quality of the products suffering from these prices? "I would not bite there," said "Focus" Armin Valet from the Hamburg user center. "Especially with milk and fruit products, we already have a very low level in Germany. And even if the discounters have been cut down in prices, it's very difficult."

Valet also shows that B "materials are rejected" for quality reasons with others. "Although the legal requirements appear to have been met," the results should not be "said Valet" Focus. "However, there are doubts about quality and hygiene. Because the products may be a living waste.

The expert also sees problems with animal work at such low prices and "Focus" complains: "At such low prices, it is almost necessary to ensure that the results of meat come from hard factory farming. Not to mention the work conditions for The people in the series of production. "Purchase suggestion is definitely a & # 39; different sounds!

"Russians-Aldi" Larger in Germany: How good & # 39; do the prices compare to Lidl and Aldi?

Updated from January 30, 10m: On the opening of Tuesday with a huge pressure in Leipzig, the first branch of the "Mere" discounted discount of Russia. As the "Bild" information, they were before they officially opened at 9 clockwise many customers at the door and wanted to be one of the first ones to A photograph of his first "Aldi Ruiseach" was found in Germany. The "Mere" product offer is very different compared to other low cost discounts such as Aldi or Lidl.

Sensitive: Instead of new meals, bread, butter and water in the "Mere" are in line with "image" but goods were offered as milk from the Czech Republic, tea offsets; Poland and wine from Austria at very secret prices.

But besides a different offer, in fact, the problem arises to the extent to which the prices are different from the other contradictions. The "Bild" has created a comparison between the three cheap chains and, indeed, we do not want to compare this price.

Apple soud (1 liter)

0.61 euro

0.59 euros

0.79 Euro

Milk (3.5 per cent fat, 1 liter)

0.62 euros

0.70 Euro

0.70 Euro

Coffee (500 g)

1.97 euros

2.99 euros

2.99 euros

Sausages Vienna

2,12 Euro (530 g)

2.59 birds (400 g)

1.99 Euro (400 g)

Bag bag (60 liters)

0.23 Euro (20 pieces)

2.5 Euro (25 pcs)

1.80 euros (25 pieces)


0.66 Euro (400 g)

1.49 euros (125 g)

1.59 euros (100 g)


0.73 Euro (200 g)

1.39 euros (200 g)

0.66 Euro (170 g)


2.40 Euro (500 g)

1.85 euros (250 g)

1.85 euros (250 g)

Red wine (0.75 liters)

1.04 euros

1.99 euros

1.99 euros

Peppermint Teee

0.26 Euro (24 bills)

0.59 Euro (25 bags)

0.59 Euro (25 bags)

(Well: picture)

So its price comparisons between & # 39; shows that shops may even have the value of the "Russen-Aldi". As there is a complete comparison, there are price differences in a number of patients.

Less in Germany: opened to & # 39; The first source is large enough – but the user does not have many things

Updated from January 29, 4:00 pm f: New voices are unhappy among their first customers of the "Mere" counterparts in Russia in Germany. Focus online name another man who did not find what he was looking for in & # 39; new branch in Leipzig. However, it does not seem to be a lasting problem. The two bottles of wine he bought was "even cheaper than Aldi," said the user. "But I wanted to buy frozen food. That's not in the system yet."

Not everyone is satisfied with their first trip to "Russians-Aldi" Mere

Updated from January 29, 1:10 pm: During the day the market is filled, as picture reports. An on-site reporter describes the offer in Aldi Ruiseach: "on light, there are cold locks in the light pallets with milk, coffee and boxes full of wine bottle, in the corridors it is still a freight opened, a hardware and foodstuffs with food in the upper shelves. Flexible shops are different ", so the description of picture-Reporters, Focus Consumer bids: "New vegetables have been lost. I can not cook full cooking like this."

Updated from January 29, 11.40 clock: The new Aldi Ruiseach appears in Leipzig Plaußig / Portitz indeed to do it yet. A video on the web shows its & # 39; first free market customers.

Updated from January 29, 7.30 m: The first store in Leipzig is just opened, because Torgservis is the one who's Russia is already planning the next place in Germany: like this Leipziger Volkszeitung The second market of the new series will be created in Zwickau.

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Opening its main branch of Tuesday – bad sight, low prices

Leipzig – Aldi, Lidl – and "Mere". So are the big discounts in the future in hot Germany? On Tuesday, the Russian budget market wants to take the first step there, since it was opened in the old Aldi store in Leipzig, and, The first market in Scotland in Germany.

Mere wants to be even cheaper than Aldi and Lidl

This is just the first, that will soon have 100 branches in this country. The aim: The Torgservis Russia company chain wants to be even cheaper than the competition. In Russia and Asia, the chain is very successful – there are 928 branches. Therefore, the expansion to Europe is not the next logical step. It's an excellent business in the & # 39; discounter market in Germany, it is no longer secret: 80 per cent of users have access to; Buying at one of the two Aldi and Lidl stores. Now Torgservis, Russia's high-power, wants a piece of valuable cake. The plan is to include the price-based chains.

In very little advertising, there are no frills – just 20 per cent are cheaper?

For this reason, everything that costs a lot is needed in the markets only. Saving, among other things, is advertising, as well as the display of the goods. The user will receive a & # 39; batteries in large piles facing her nose. There are not even shelves. That's not good – but cheap!

Users of Aldi or Lidl should be aware that these pictures have a strong difference when they think about the time they sold in sales. For now, German markets have been trying to rid the "cheap image". Usually the goods are provided there beautifully. Compared to this, the slogan "Cost of Low" is related to "just". Every day "- low prices, every day.

By expanding the chain to Poland and Romans, a person could be able to; Have an understanding of German customers already: they do not include the discounters there 20% at the price of sex, notes or coffee. However, the range of 90 to 95 per cent of Russian brands itself.

Expert to Mere: Aldi and Lidl "a fight back"

Leipzig's situation should not be a bite, says Martin Fassnacht's marketing expert from the WHU business school in Düsseldorf Focus online, "I believe customers in some parts of Germany are for a discounted resource."

But he also says, "The concept will not be successful because it is not economically paid, and to succeed as a leaking agent in this industry, you need Many, many sources, and a huge demand, also with low price makers There are not even enough 100 branches to be successful. "

Mere discounter na Ruise has opened its first store in Germany in Leipzig.

© dpa / Hendrik Schmidt

The history proves it right: Wal-Mart, Intermarché (with Spar) and Real failed to have a similar idea. But Aldi and Lidl should still be warned. "I think Aldi and Lidl are looking forward," said Matthias Queck of Retailytics, an analysis group Food newspaper, If someone is cheaper with a comparative quality, market leaders "will" "return," he says. The next branch may open in Zwickau: On the home page, Mere looks for a branch manager for the new place.

Learn more about the new flame in our original article: New Russian Laser – A Russian chain opened on Tuesday.

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