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Bratislava, November 21 (TASR) – Singel and the video record Tha Home already produces another flavor of the second album, which the singer and composer Lenny are preparing in collaboration with German branch General Music. The song is not strong to sing the classic classical handwriting of the singer, but usually in Enem alone, she can hear the effects of electronic music. In a chorus, Lenny is singing, We need our close friends, we will stay with him with help. The song production is the accepted music producer Ondřej Fiedler, who worked with Lenny's first Hearts music player. PR PR manager TASR Ľuba Svata.

"The Song Home in Berlin was born as a disaster with two other musicians. Although the original version was with us, my final form was to sit at her phianist. Teachie has been confirmed that the things I want to write to me can not tell anyone else. Music has taken me to places around the world, but I prefer to go home. I can travel the anywhere, but it has never prevented my family and my friends. I'm in my heart, so they are everywhere with me, " says Lenny.

The film was directed by director Ruy Okamura, who, for example, has been working on a great video on Adam Mišík. The leading hero of the story tells a situation where there is no help from an inevitable neighbor. The paradox is that it works in a downloaded tax and helps people to create heat in their new homes. Lenny's idea is not featured in her video clips last year.

"I wanted to put my mind into work for the first time, where I would not work as one of the main characters. We know Ruy from his youth and I'm very fond of his work. He has a good talent for creating excellent points with a point that directly affects the observer. It may be the first director I left for free, " the interpreter wants.

A number of new songs also appear in the & # 39; A program of five main concerts Lenny will attend in late November and December. The tour begins on November 24th in Hradec Kralove, three days later it will be given in Ostrava. The Sono Center concert in Brunn on November 28 is already sold, so it will come out once again the next day. The top of the line called MMXVIII will be completed on December 1 in the Karlin Prague Forum.

"When I was thinking about the concept of conferences, I drew on the most people who spoke to me in the previous shows. My aim is to take home, in particular, knowledge, especially on concerts, " Lenny added.

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