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An evening of entertainment. Lenny Kravitz It was presented on Wednesday evening by the Jockey Peru Club and offered a presentation of nearly two hours during which the public could enjoy the songs he created as a rock image.

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"Fly Away", one of his most popular themes in his career, was chosen to start the night. The guitar shouted out quickly to the over 12,000 people who gathered locally that the previous night had seen the Arctic Arctic concert.

The following subjects are "Dig In," Bring It On and American Woman, heard at full power by a band made up of Gail Ann Dorsey, Ross Rock, Laks George, Franklin Vanderbilt Jr, Harold Todd , Ludovic Louis and Michael Sherman.

The musician appreciated his connection with the audience and was delighted to be playing for the first time, in 30 years of his career, in Peru.

The evening included songs from "Raise Vibration", his latest album, "It is Enough" and "Low", and concluded with the classic "Again", "Let Love Rule" and "Are You Gonna Go My Way". No doubt the crowd were grateful.

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