Lenzing decides on new plants in Brazil and Thailand


In 2019, the swimmer group Lenzing has to make two broad decisions. The global concern that Upper Austria wants to make in deciding the construction of lyocell plant in Thailand at the beginning of the second half of the year, and at the end of the second half of the year, a decision will be taken. building heather mills will be built in Brazil

Lenzing's production company, Lenzing, will be for a number of big steps in 2019. Two plants, one in Thailand and one in Brazil, will be rebuilt in 2019. Above all, Brazil's project is standing. then went out. There the fiber optic, along with his partner in Brazil, Duratex, plans a $ 1 billion investment in a new waste mill with 450,000 tonnes.

Half of the money is contributing to Duratex, the wood panel manufacturer. The decision for the construction center still depends on agreement, technical design and funding. Lenzing believes that it is in a financial situation for the main project. The hard balance sheet and low debt ratio are said, Chief Executive Stefan Doboczky.

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