Leon was circulated with 20 genes until a friend saved unexpectedly Society


Your lion needs to be alone and frightened against her wild wild boar in the African savannah.

The car can be against the big raid until the end; got a friend for her own genre unexpectedly to help her

"Initially, he began to show the hyenas as loud as he tried to stop them one to one, but then he got twenty or thirty of them to be circulated without escape. Every time he attacked one, many others went to the back"explains Simon Blakeney, one of the authors on video published by BBC Earth.

When it comes to an end to be surrounded completely with the carnivore herd, another lion will run his help to help, who will leave the place quickly and the felines are "identifying" the thing.

The last one that caused a great deal among YouTube users, because many of them did not; Believe how the two lions show respect and play as if after the dangerous accident. Clearly, the catsThey are grateful for more time to live.

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