Leonid Meteor Flour 2018: When, where and how to look


The 2018 Leonid meteor show will appear high, November 17, into the early morning of Sunday, November 18.

The Leonids are a major stop on their annual wooden calendar meteor. Although a meteor shower in November on the creation of storms of hundreds of meters per hour in 2002, this year's event should be about 10 to 15 per hour.

Here's some information and suggestions:

When will you look

You can increase your chances to see media between midnight and today, and the best after moonset when the sky is darker (its moon around 1:30 am to Sunday).

Where can you see?

The meteors appear to be out of their Leo dispute, but you can look directly at any place in the air.

Where to be

Where you are more important than a place in the spectacle that you are looking. The less artificial light, the better, is so out in the countryside, the mountain or open range is better than town centers and suburbs.

But if you are in the city and surrounding area, it is still valuable to look.

If you go out of your home, do not forget to take gear to stay warm.

Where do the halls come?

The Leonids come from Comet Tempel-Tuttle debris, affecting the sun every 33 years.

Ball of fire and cattle

Although not very popular, the Leonids can be amazing.

According to NASA:

"Leonids are also famous for their firefighters and their predators. There is more sparkling fireplaces of light and dye that can be more than a average meteoric climb. This is the result The fire walls come from larger fragments of committee items, with more smoother size than -3. Landballs come near in the distance and are well known for their long and colored tails. "

More about the Leonids

These sites have more information about the tonight of Leonid meteor tonight:

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