Lesya Nikityuk described the final results of Dancing with Stars 2018


Lesya Nikityuk (picture: instagram.com/lesia_nikituk)

Cute Nikityuk said she had a cup already

According to the results of the premiere of Dance with Rionnagan 2018, Igor Lastochkin and Ilona Gvozdyova, who have been grateful to the partner, have won their final success for both.

It should be noted that, when the audiences' output was cited, two pairs were held on the floor: Igor Lastochkin – Ilona Gvozdyova, and Lesya Nikityuk – Maxim Yezhov. Observers and jury members were waiting for the & # 39; key answer, who wins: professionalism or loved ones? As a result, he was awarded a professionalism.

Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov

Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Yezhov (picture: instagram.com/lesia_nikituk)

Lesya Nikityuk also spoke about her involvement. The television shower was honestly induced: for all, all the exhibitions were similar to the last one. And just with fans' support, Nikityuk was able to reach the final, until the 14th edition of the show.

"All our exhibitions were final! Every time we did dance as the last trip, but thanks to the people who supported us, we went back and we tried our task to pull attention from issues Everyday Sundays: school, nursery, work, community We danced and made you showcases to make fun! They dance for all the high girls, for ordinary people who work hard in factories, Bazaars! Young people from villages and who do not believe you can reach rates without money and connections And I think we're there! "- Nikityuk is a" write on his instagram page.

Check when the results of the dances are published by Stars 2018 (video: youtube.com/Tancі s zіrkami)

Nikityuk also said that she realized one important thing through the 14th broadcast: "Dance is a life!"

"Every part of it, as a particular part of life, can be good or not, be happy, and it can be married! Someone would like it, and do not do it! But the main thing is that # 39; that every dance, as a special part of life, has finished by appearing! And our dances with Max were to come to an end with constant views, "which & Describing Nikityuk.

Nikityuk left place for her wedding dress.

"We won the most expensive prize – the sympathy of the audience! And the father of his dad made it before the show begins! The campaigns change every year, and # of baginyalminata ONE ", describing Lesya Nikityuk.

Nikityuk fans were fighting to support her lover.

"Lesya, well done, I'm thinking, this is the case in wigrati. ALEIS for ZAWDY to be used. That will be as yak як, "a writing kravchenko6470.

"Lesheka, you will always be one number for us! Always keep with you, move on, not the end, not just the first," notes elenaegorova277.

"It's one thing today, a homemaker at Khmelnichchini! They would not say anything, good work! Confirmative of everything," a & # 39; supporting dr_levenetslilia.

"Lesya – a good thing! My children are your fans. Every day they checked when Lesya won," decor4us agrees.

"Lesya, I'm writing to you right! Ale and for Lastochkina tezh in the member! Wu make it cool I love you both! Bone re-registered you oboh ! " – a & # 39; writing va__lia.

"Leska, I'm sorry for this, to appear on projects that have not been restored, I'm worried about such a thing, I'm writing it, sonechka, "a & # 39; stressing taniechka_panasiuk.

Acceptance of ideas: instagram.com/lesia_nikituk

Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov

Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Yezhov (picture: instagram.com/lesia_nikituk)

Remembering her & # 39; Final of Dance with Stars of 2018, played an uncertain dance with the jury of his project, Ekaterina Kukhar, with her husband, Alexander Stoyanov. The listeners were delighted with their leading dance.

We also note that there was one other member of the Dances jury, Dima Monatik, a & # 39; placing its fans funny with a comic video, which shows one point in the & # 39; the project.

Lesya Nikityuk: fascinating biographical information (video: RBC-Ukraine)

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