Let the bastion live: There will also be a small literary festival that will showcase it; special Spev music project


Literary Bastion is inviting you on the 21st of November to last the autumn evening with special experiences in three busy areas that are experiencing a great experience. much enjoyed.

November 18, 2018 at 9:00 pm Slavo Sochor

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA. In organizing the autumn of the Live the Bastion event, it will include the writer Vandu Rozenberg, it will include a new book by J Mem Púček Med memo, and will add the "Spev tebe" album in the & # 39; first concert.

The program starts at 17:00 at Villa Dominika Skutecki with Vanda Rozenberg's favorite three-time writer of Poviedky and his last two books were in his. final of Anasoft Letter. She writes about family and relationships, but she does not have a very serious and intense poetry, which is also hers. relates to her current novel, Three Deaths Floating. Besedu is moderated by Dušan Šuster.

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The writer Ján Púček is present at the "Let's Live the Bastion" event, which the Literary Bastion today publishes the "Memory of Honey" book. Liptov is native to his history and his texts are a key issue in historical memory and heritage that can not be read. In his new book, the stories of unmarried and unobtrusive family memorabilia revive attractive events in the history of the ancient continent. The book will be delivered at 18:30 at the Artforum Book Store in Upper Cash.

The music dots for the night give a new project of ambitious generation of home musicians entitled "Spev tebe". Trio Pospiš / Nikitin / Sillay and their guests to open their / gateway to the world of music, and thanks to the poetry of Walt Whitman.

The Trinity went to New York to join local musicians and Hanka Gregušová native to record a record on the words made by a great American poetry, translated by Martin Solotruk. You can usually listen to a live show separately until 21st November at 20:00 at the Nmestí SNP Garden Center 16.

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