"Let the Conmebol warn your Boca"


The old star from Argentina, Diego Maradona, was placed on Monday so that Conmebol would finalize Copa Libertadores points to Boca Juniors and, as such, the club & # 39; xeneize is named as an international continental tournament.

Idol of Boca after defending in two stages (1981-82 and 1995-97) the team's game from Buenos Aires, Maradona described his account of the Instagram social network, after the second leg of the final against the River an Taighe Plate, first recorded for the last Saturday, was suspended as a result of violent incidents inspired by millionaire fans.

A first game, played two weeks ago at a & # 39; Bombonera, finished in pull 2-2.

"I hope the @Commebol is working very much at @Libertadores to @BocaJrsOficial," wrote Maradona about the top-ranking bid of Boca in South American football, trying to give the points for Being able to dispute was surrendered for the injuries that their players suffered their stone on their buses where they traveled to the Monumental stadium.

"As well as my loved ones for a club, a rule that needs to be fulfilled, the sanctions are clear, and this is a fall of water when the draw points to us in 2015. I enjoy winning their court, but when the regulations do not have an order, there must be an order, and it is the control; Give the Boca points the points, "said Maradona, who is currently managing her; Dorado de Sinaloa club from the second Mexican department.

The River Libertadores finally won in 2015 after Boca hit the second round, disqualified by Conmebol after Barrabravas & # 39; Xeneizes attacking the players & # 39; millionaire with half-time half-time pepper spores.

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