Letter from CONMEBOL president


Saturday 24th November will be remembered in the world's football history for all the wrong reasons. It was said to be the final of the CONMEBOL Libertadores for his memory, the final form in a tour. At the end he came to be a day we should complete everything with sorrow and shame; which requires a deep revival and a great disappointment in all the estates, not only on soccer, but on society.

Despite a prior agreement fair play is signed by the heads of the final two clubs and all warnings given by CONMEBOL to those who are responsible for security, stadium and surrounding areas have seen unreasonable violence and unprecedented, painless, to the players, the people, children and families who safely came safely, the authorities, their neighbors. The pain events were painful. Our opinion is overcoming our football; putting many lives at risk.

As president of CONMEBOL, I put the best efforts to ensure everyone's integrity: from the players to his / her public that he was tolerant; Waiting for the bad circumstances outside the show and responsible for CONMEBOL to be resolved. I asked the authorities of the two clubs, we were Waiting for the medical reports, we reviewed the institutional protocols and finally, in agreement with the two headteachers, I made the decisions for the good of the people involved.

On behalf of CONMEBOL, I also have the responsibility of those who are responsible for maintaining the security of the event and public order. It is clear that the protocols did not fail and the authorities did not measure up to the conditions. Now, what remains left to work immediately to identify, capture and implement justice to those who have made so much damage.

I also want the leaders of River Plate and Boca Juniors to understand that their duty is in their hands far beyond just protecting the colors and interests of their partners. First of all, they are responsible for the South American football, often valued and criticized in our countries, but we are fond of the rest of the world.

The same thing goes for the media, ask my respect, equality and broadcasting in order to inform the public correctly, connect the facts, fight uncertain information and to clear out the vision with an interest and the illegal opinions.

In CONMEBOL, I'm overseen, football is not won by stones or attacks. He is won by the players on the court. And more in South America with the quality of our players. In CONMEBOL, that I am the leader, we are & # 39; respect the competitors, and play fairly as a vision in the field, in the states, in the direction.

Finally, I'm calling for all players in South America football to set up a priority and take turns to do so; identify, understand and write; fight for the causes and actions of violence that impede football Many more are involved in the sporting title. The two actors in American football will come together to end the violence, or the violence will depend on the # 39; finishing South America football.

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