Letter to Alan Joyce: Qantas's chief responds to a ten-year company founder


Ten-year-old Alex is for the start of an airline Oceania Express. For this he requests in a letter from Qantas boss Alan Joyce – and he will receive a reply.

"Dear Alan Joyce, I'm Alex Jacquot, a ten-year-old boy (thank you very much)" – that's the start of a letter from Alex of Australia to the head of Qantas Airways, Alan Joyce. The girl ten years explains that he works to build an airline. He is head of Oceania Express and has already held a Finance, IT and Maintenance Manager. Together, they are already thinking about the fleet, air numbers, cooking and more, writing the boy.

Alex then seeks advice on the Qantas for advice, because he currently has a holiday and wants to use it. "Do you have any ideas for setting up an airline?" Asking Alex and doing more concrete. He and his team had been discussing the Qantas tours on the Airbus A350 from Sydney / Melbourne to London. 'It's 25 times it's time for us to think about sleeping. Do you have advice? »

Head of Qantas Joyce will write back

The nice thing about the story: Joyce replied. "Dear, Mr Jacquot, thank you very much for telling me about your airline," he wrote the 52-year-old. It has already been heard about a new person to the market. "Usually I don't advise competitors," said Joyce. In this case, he makes an exception, because he was already committed to flying as a young boy. He will then give him some advice for Alex and finally he invites him to a personal meeting – comments about "what it is like to work an airline".

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