Leverkusen – Düsseldorf 2: 0! Peter Bosz is the best thing – 4th wrestling prize – Bundesliga


Super Bosz's front! With the 2: 0 against Dusseldorf he is making Leverkusen the best team in the second half.

Six weeks into the game, Peter Bosz (55) is leading, fourth league competition in a row in the fifth game. In recent times there was such a 2015/16 series in Bayer under Roger Schmidt (51).

It was only better than Dortmund to walk early in the 2017/18 season early (six medals, drag) …

Leverkusen will run in the 5th place and its # 39; keep the European course – that's the best season!

18 minutes: Kevin Volland provides side-tops to the five, where Kai Havertz has a & # 39; coming (19) and pushed the Drobny keeper to 1-0.

The national Sky player: "I knew Kevin's trick so big that he pulled the middle and that's why I ran out suspicion. I was relatively free and I got the ball to & # 39; introducing the street is quite cheap.

Bosz also feels his feelings, because he pulled off Volland on the right after convicted Bellarabi (15th / mountain left).

And Havertz also benefits Bosz, a & # 39; Meet in a new post eight part in the last four games three times. The 2: 0 also falls by Bosz's winner: Leon Bailey (66) is under the control of permanent staff.

Keeper Lukas Hradecky (29) explains: "After a difficult journey to Krasnodar it was a benefit of proof and patience." Leverkusen played a 0-0 play on the Krasnodar Russia on Thursday in the Europa League. Next Thursday the second leg will rise.

Sports Controller Rudi Völler (58) also says: "It's a long time in Krasnodar. The influence of landlords. Thursday is much harder."

Bitter for Fortuna: Jean Zimmer needs to get rid of the ankle injury (27./Vertacht on Outerbandriss). Coach Friedhelm Funkel (65): "I think that at least one band has broken down. It will lose it for the next few weeks."

The most important aspects of the game

11 minutes: Generational Legacy – Leverkusen's Havertz (19) visits Drobny (39) with a low picture.

18 minutes. Minute: Volland will not be put under pressure on the right side of Fortunas Suttner and Gießelmann and is delivering a top side of the five, where Kai Havertz is in a position; come (19) and put it in front of the Drobny keeper to 1: 0.

22 minutes: Suttner pushes Hradecky's aim.

41 minutes: Volland is a great opportunity! Alario arrives on the left, her play is at Volland, just to be inserted. But Suttner is saving, a & # 39; jump into the ball.

Movie Statistics: Dusseldorf play in the & # 39; first 45 minutes only with 93 passes, Leverkusen 514; only Jonathan Tah 100!

46 minutes: Bayer continues to & # 39; going on: Volland is doing a Drobny test.

49 minutes: Fortunas Gießelmann is trying to try, but he will push a long member.

56 minutes: There is an Alario step at Drobny.

★ 66th Summary: Drobny attempts to make a strong seam from the side, Bailey goes to her; use it and push it from a square ridge to 2: 0.

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