Levi Strauss wants to go back to Wall Street


Traditional jean maker Levi Strauss (Levi's) wants to know when he returns to over half a billion dollars in the capital city with investors. The company plans to offer about 36.7 million shares at a price of $ 14 – $ 16 per person, according to a report to the US Commissions and Commissions Commission.

The comprehensive amount of money is so targeted between around 514 million and 587 million dollars, which would account for a total assessment of up to 6.17 billion dollars (5.49 billion euros). The company plans to use the benefits of the IPO, among other things, for purchasing to expand its brand bundle.

The San Francisco jeans statue is based on San Francisco's share in the "LEVI" symbol on New York Stock Exchange. The company's founder Levi Strauss traveled from Bavaria to New York and in 1853 by joining in California. With his business partner Jacob Davis, Strauss is considered an engineer for jeans.

Levi completed his first public offer in 1971. However, the estates of Levi Strauss had removed the cloth from the stocktakers in 1984. It remains in the family's possession. . t

There are also a number of other prestigious companies planning to go to Wall Street later this year, including a Uber car service, a Pinterest picture platform and the broker vacation on AirBnB.

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