Levski was born Gabriel Oberthan to Turkish Erzurum


Team division of Levski with his big star Gabriel Oberthan. The Turkish media says the "blue" soldier was the second-half player of the Super League – Erzurumpor.

Manchester United first player tonight tonight. leaving the team camp in Cipros and goes on with a conversation with his leaders; club previously mentioned to clarify their personal situation.

The news was officially confirmed by Erzurum's profile in Twitter.

Erzurum would fight for high-speed Levski, Stanislav Kostov

Erzurum would fight for Stanislav Kostov

The white eagles were to protect security

Until recently, it is thought to have an interest. a questioned club in Stanislav Kostov, but obviously the Turkish goals were quite different. The blue eagles are expected to pay a tariff fee for the Oberthan signature. For it, it will help pay its financial penalties levy paid to UEFA to get permission to get the chance to take part in the European Championships.

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It is not secret today, the new Gerena leaders were seeking a merchant to Oberert, because the French monthly wage was a great deal. emphasizes the "blue" budget.

For the time spent on Gere, Gabriel 51 played official games in which he won 5 goals.

In his new team, he will work with three other teams – Schwehler, Sunu and Muhammad.

Levski did different use with jogball (VIDEO)

Levski did different use with jogball (VIDEO)

See the picture of blue training in Cipros

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