LG 16 phones coming in


LG Corporation will launch 16 lens cameras to the market; company. LG South Korea's multi-national company. LG was one of those who introduced the double cameras to smartphones. They are one of the main brands in that work.

LG Corporation has already applied for patent applications to bring 16 lenses of the camera. It is also said in the application that there are pictures in each lens from different angles. On November 20, LG Electronics received patent from the US Patron and Trademark Office. There are 16 lens cameras and matrix settings.

There will be 16 lenses in the 4 × 4 matrix format behind the digital phone and this technology will work very well in 3D images.

The lenses can take pictures from different directions. Even if you want a user from these lenses, you can take pictures by anyone.

Also, a picture can also be taken using simultaneous different languages. If a person is taken as a subject, his head and any members can be taken separately by choosing them. However, LG does not yet tell when they start working with their phone.

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