LG cameras have smart phone with 16 cameras



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The LG Electronics company is painted in the United States as smartphone & who has 16 cameras, describing her & # 39; port Lets Go Digital.

Depending on their media, the lenses are added to a unique portion, allowing images to be taken from a variety of views. A number of scenic settings can allow the user to select a specific focus.

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It is also possible to build a photo with several lenses at the same time. Then, you can select the best image of a series, but it is also possible to simultaneously draw pictures with different targets in a moving image.

In addition, the user can cut part of the image to replace the image taken by a replacement lens. It is even possible to mix several parts of different images.

The ability is also the head of a person or one that is selected and turned into the desired situation. When a person's head is selected, the word recognition work is also activated. Used to & # 39; memory of smartphone & # 39; to find out if the same thing has been taken before. In this way, you can replace the next one.

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