LG G8 ThinQ price reduces the promises


LG has recently reported that he has lost so little in the mobile industry but even though he does not have to send his / her. The company is totally from its business, it is not yet a & # 39; look good. At MWC 2019 later this month, OEM Europe will have the opportunity to clean itself, at least in its eyes; public, with the start of the LG G8 ThinQ as well as the LG V50 ThinQ 5G. With the already high games, however, LG may have been decided to increase even higher by increasing prices to make the most of it. match his opponents

In short, it is surprising that LG has been sustained for a long time. Partially, thanks to Apple, smartphone prices have been higher and higher altogether, and it does not appear to be any stopping station; there. Compared to this, although it is not as low as, not it, OnePlus, LG has stayed at most of $ 150 than b. the nearest competition.

Depending on Reddit decay, LG G8 ThinQ sells $ 1,199.99 CAD. Now before you have a heart attack, there are two things here. One of them is that the SKU is listed as 128 GB, which is two times running the $ 750 LG G7 ThinQ that was launched last year. Secondly, LG is more likely to sell in the US for around $ 899, which is about the same price as LG V40 ThinQ last year.

Although its price is & # 39; going on, as stated, may have been permanent, the question is now to be commissioned. LG is renowned for making smart, non-sensible, fair, spectacular phone phones that are Look good on paper but do not go up the sales figures year after year. The LG G8 needs to prove itself very different to qualify for a price bid higher than just the rise of the specs and the new 3D face-of-fly camera.

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