LG has a 3D camera on the next phone, which also works with the iPhone Economica.net


The LG furniture maker has confirmed that the next priority, known as the G8 ThinQ, will be released later this month, a 3D camera camera that works in the same way to the iPhone.

The camera includes a once-flying (ToF) sensor that will Use bundles to scan the subject and create 3D representation of the topic. In particular, use the LG RE sensor 3 sensor at Infineon.

"Although other 3D technologies use complex algorithms to build the speed of the item from a lens camera, a ToF image tab is more specific to capture sub- reddish as it is shown by the subject. As a result, ToF is faster and more efficient in a clear light, which reduces the workload of the application process, and thus reducing energy consumption, "said Infineon.

For the ultimate user, this means that the camera is more capable of making a positive identity than the biggest Android phones to offered now. By adding to the depth of its & # 39; offers a more advanced biometric certification closer to the iPhone. Such a sensor is a safe and precise way of retaining mobile devices with face scanning. The precise security systems used previously were far from safe and could be included with a proprietor's banana design.

The ThinQ Flagship G8 is expected to be published later this month at Mobile World Congress 2019.

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