LG has painted a smartphone with a camera with 16 lenses


LG LG's furniture company was at the heart of smartphone makers, which offered its equipment to users, with two main cameras fitted at the same time. Initially, the LG Optimus 3D was back in 2011, in which such a camera enabled three-dimensional images to be created, but at the end did not have its own commercial success and its followers . At the end, in 2016, it showed another world device – the LG G5, which marked the launch of a new wave of smartphones with two cameras, although The G5 itself again as a modular module due to its modular design.

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As a result, we will not surprise such "trifle" in the form of two lenses for its & # 39; Main camera, especially since there are more than one device already with three lenses and even four, and in fact, the Nokia PureView 9 smartphone will usually come up to as many as five cameras. But this is very difficult compared to what LG now offers: in the applications filed to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, there is a pattern with a digital phone, with a model camera model with 16 lens at the same time organized in matrix.


In addition, the lenses themselves in such a matrix can be located at different angles and take pictures from different angles, so that different situations can be found through the burning process. For example, a user can select and select one lens.

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In addition, you can build a picture at the same time on each lens with different hunting parasites and select the best picture. And you can combine all these pictures and create a lively picture. In the future, a part of the photograph can be cut out and a clip that was taken into another camera with another part of burning, enabling the situation to be accessed and # 39; it must be a reason for drawing photography.

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