LG OLED B8 Test: TV 4K at the expected price


TV Electronics has an excellent image and a powerful power photographer.

The LG OLED B8 was created for those who want the best television set, but who don't want to spend much on television as in cars. With OLED technology, it has a really good contrast, showing beautiful black and very colorful colors. Just, the LG OLED B8 is paying off if you are looking for a TV that the video needs to process properly.

It is not only powerful but also good

LG OLED B8 is a television that you can watch from any angle and the show will not lose color or color discrimination. As well as color, you even enjoy LG OLED technology even with fast moving videos – TV can easily try to move very quickly, responding to changes several times faster than previous LCD screens. . The result is completely smooth and without any cutting.

Not everyone is very well dressed, lively colors and good sound. LG OLED B8 is a beautifully designed television. The display is 4.7 meters thick and the frame is around eight. The television is a bit wider at the bottom, with speakers, different tunes, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other electricity. The metal ball puts pizzas together, it is practical and can be attached to a wall easily. LG OLED B8 is available in diagonals 55 "and 65".

Tomi Kid Kovács is LG OLED fan

Also, the ancient World Boxing Championship looks at LG OLED B8 games with the beautiful α7 processor in his new box academy in Galanta near Matuska. “A pursuit partner is very important in boxing. I am also enjoying the quality of my private life and so have chosen LG OLED for the Academy. Tomi Kid Kovács says.

His multi-media stadium is one of the country's most modern locations. “The new academy is the largest gymnasium in Slovakia, we design saunas and rest rooms in the loft so that the athletes can rest after their exercise. I want everyone here to feel at home, we have installed the latest LG OLED TVs on the walls to allow us to see games between exercises, ”she said. T he tells.

LG OLED B8 can deliver high-quality video performance particularly when viewing sports events. Full experience of live broadcasting has been helped by DolbyAtmos® audio support, where the sound appears to be coming directly from television. Dolby Atmos® really takes the whole motion and creates sound around it. Along with Dolby VisionTM, we can get the same cinema in the home in the living room.

Smart TV with Magic Controller

The OLED B8 is run on the fast-running and fast-running LG webOS system. At the bottom of the show is a bar with a web browser or popular applications such as Netflix Youtube, HBO GO and the latest Skylink Live television.

You control your television with the Magic Remote – a remote control that works just like a computer mouse. This technology allows you to sign in to your accounts once and twice, and you don't have to click anywhere. Netflix and Amazon Prime have their own buttons on remote control.

How do you choose TV TALK?

According to Lubomir Strak, author of World of Technology on TA3, the advantage of OLED television is that they do not have to adapt as frequently as previous users: t “Today, manufacturers have made sure that they are making a big contribution to the long-term life of TV. Restricted televisions will run for many years, so conservation practitioners who count on a one-time investment for years will be pressing, " he tells.

“I am personally going to take these indicators that are responding to the longest technology. Then I look at SMART's features and speed of processing, and it is also important that your computer is comfortable and easy to use, ” t he will send Straka to him.

South Korea LG Electronics is a key to home entertainment and is developing TV programs with OLED technology. Nowadays, OLED TVs are also offering another brand with display panels with an LG panel. OLED is a dynamic technology, which is marked by the existence of the individual pixels, eg pixels, organic and having a high light source. For more information, visit www.lg.com/sk/lgoled

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