LG patented genetic phone heating with cameras 16 (SIXTEEN !!!)


Just as you thought two, three or four cameras behind smartphones were out of control, LG has set out a patent that can be viewed by a mobile phone what's believe 16 large cameras on the back.


LetsGoDigital The first appearance of camera on new LG patterns, with 16 cameras showing different lenses, and when they are in the first place. drawing pictures, they collect images from different angles. After this, a telephone statement would be able to capture a moving image through many lenses. Better than the better, the 16-mirror is on the # 39; back tied with a small mirror that allowed him world self-behavior.

LG's new patent also proves that new effects on pictures can be achieved with the army of snappers to the face, where you can replace something in an easy picture. You could take part of a picture and give a different image that was captured from an individual lens. The LG patent shows that the head of a tile is easily distributed by & # 39; gutting on the screen, also with its agent; show that you can replace the face and capture 3D images. The camera is the heart and soul of this phone, with more than one.

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