LG was employed by Chang Won-sam and science scientist Shim Soo Chang


LG was employed by Chang Won-sam and science scientist Shim Soo Chang

The Jang Won-sam (35) sketch-style walkers are LG's behaviors.

LG said in a press release on Monday, "We have signed signatures to Jang Won-sam, Shim Su-chang and the outdoors, Jeon Min-soo." The three players were released out of the teams after the 2018. season. However, due to its name and history, it is a power facility that can be a power resource . LG is launched.

Chang Won-sam is a soldier who came to Hyundai in 2006 and went to 346 games. It recorded 121 benefits and 93 losses and 1 savings and 9 years. In the last three seasons, he did not keep his starting point. There is also concern about getting older as a result of more than 30 years. But it was the left pipe that represented the league. He knew. There is a relationship with the LG Ryu Jung-il coach who won a Samsung descendant.

Shim Soo-chang (37) returned to his team. He first made the professional level of LG in 2004. After going through NEXEN, Lotte and Hanhwa, he went on to play 385 games. It is expected that Ms. Me, who has confirmed that she is able to invade KT, as a backup resource.

Chan Myung-suk, LG's manager, said "Jang Won-sam and Shim Su Chang know a lot that is useful in the power of team crew, and I expect Jeon Min -soo helps in crime and protection as an outdoors. "

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