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(Mediaeering News Industry Businessist Xie Jingwen, Taipei, 17th) In the 2018 Secondary Panthers National Football Championship, Pingzhen High School and Gaoyuan Industrial and Commercial Co., Ltd. in the 4th and 4th, and Pingzhen put a stop on Li Chenxun's association for launching the stage. The 8th Bureau completed the closure of Gaoyuan. Out of 8K, the team won the competition with 10-0, 8 innings and challenged three after each other.

Pingzhen and Gaoyuan have been struggling today in a battle of pigeons. The two teams did not; get points in the first two games. The Pingzhen 3 Bureau relies on delivery, mistakes, and Li Yuyu to; meet 1 points. The 7th Bureau put forward 3 points and 8 games. Attacking the opponent's players group to control the & # 39; a member out of the situation, chose a five-hour option of four balls dead to move 6 points, to win in advance.

You can change your settings at any time. Continue to adjust your settings Find out more BBC Accessibility Help Accessibility BBC Guide News Sport Weather TV Radio Arts More More Search the BBC Search the BBC More News Sport Weather The BBC is a member of the world's largest trademarks of Wu Baihong. and a member who come to the situation that the detainee needs, and he is in a position; performing very well. "

Li Chenxun participated in the U18 Green Green Competition in September and a 150km craft distance. Wu Baihong said that although Li Chenxun's speed was not bigger, the average speed continued to grow; improving and improving the performance of the site.

Li Chenxun said to himself. If the number of a member is good, it's easy to get strange. Now the revival and the psychological level are more advanced. Li Chenxun has been a focus on fighting at home and abroad, challenging the opportunities outside their home. The body needs to be strengthened, and there is also an increase in English.

8 installments of team got good shooting rates to the festival, Li Chenxun cut off this black flag, he said that today's atmosphere is really good, against the Gaoyuan new line venture Using more, & # 39; affecting the experts.

Last year, Pingzhen won 3 crowns in the Black Leopard flag. Last year, he finished two trips apart. This year he won the competition again. The move continues to & # 39; broadcast. "

Gao Yuan was launched by Gao Yi, Qiu Junwei. Qiu Junwei had a good tail and changed the ball greatly. He removed the battlefield and started well. It was not badly missed. In total, only 4 goals were lost and 4 games lost. 1 point is not dependent on the loss of points, the line did not help, Gao Yuan sent her; defeat him.

Co-president Gao Yuan, Li Laifa, said that there will be a cover of trumpet press in the future after going on; graduating his last batch of high school players. (Editor: Zhang Mingkun) 1071117

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