Li Mingzhe did not drop out of his case. Ask her & # 39; wife every week to release – Free Asia Radio Cantonese (RFA)

Li Mingzhe did not drop out of his case. His wife asked for a weekly trip to be released. Free Free Radio Cantonese (RFA)

Li Mingzhe, a Taiwanese deputy ruler who is accused of a "subversion" on the mainland, is waiting for a judgment after his / her; the lawsuit. His wife Li Jingyu held a news conference on Wednesday (27th), emphasizing that the mainland authorities attacked Li Mingzhe as a basis for human rights and his / her rights; ask weekly trips until the person left. Lawyer lawyers who were present at a press conference say that crimes in the name of national security are often damaged. If the international community is not a spoon, another is a victim. (Report by Wen Yuqing) Li Mingzhe, former party worker and NGO member of the Democratic Liberal Party of Taiwan, opposed "to commit the power of patience in power state. " He was waiting for a complaint after a quiz at Yueyang City Court of Hunan Province. Li Li Mingzhe's wife, Li Jingyu, a Taiwan-based press conference on Wednesday (27th), said she had reviewed for a Taiwan Compatriot Certificate after returning to Taiwan from the mainland, but did not respond still. She emphasized the fact that the authorities on the mainland were used to arrest Li Mingzhe and did not; follow procedures, non-compliance with human rights habits, and informal information about family members of the national crimes of human rights breach. She also mentioned how she was afraid to go to China's mainland, but she had no room to find out, reinforcing the mischievous, poor, and bad way, and not b & # 39; family members can be able to; Taiwan political party. At his news conference, Li Jingyu asked the mainland authorities to discharge Li Mingzhe and allow families to visit his / her. jail. He also emphasized that he would dry up the tears and his / her; fought to the day when Li Mingzhe returned to Taiwan indeed. Li Jingyu said: A long time ago, prisoners have visited the natural right for prisoners and their families, and they are unlike. Rebellions and their families have no other skills and they will never give up. Song Chengen, an international law school, said at a news conference that read the crimes he was arrested by Li Mingzhe, and found that Li Mingzhe wanted to communicate with the Chinese people through the internet, and most of the ideas were made in Taiwan. It's free to see the information. To put away the power of the state, the force is very limited. The level of probation of the mainland is very strange. And …

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