Li Yanqiu asked "I hate my own person" personally. Chen Huiwen – Zhongshi News answered


Today (20th) Li Yanqiu invited him to broadcast the program. Li Yanqiu asked: "What are you suffering from my husband? What are you dissatisfied with?" Chen Shunwen said honestly: "I would not like to have ever been." Then he said: "Its program is very tough. It is alive and does not follow its process, but at the time" b "; It was a sign, not a good man! "

Li Yanqiu appeared in Chen Weiwen's "Unexpected Dancer" and his smile. When Chen Wenwen invited her to come, she was upset that she would justify the author and be animated. "It's the product that we need to rely on the beauty of nature." He said: "There's nothing left in the years." Li Yanqiu gave a smile back: "I think these assistants think the truth."

The web line asked: "Why did not Li Li's big brother come?" Li Yanqiu said: "The family leader has come and I do not have it." Chen Wenwen said he is not really inviting Li Yanqiu to join the festival today. Li Yanqiu said: "Chen Hui There is only one link from the beginning to the end. I would only use it when I met Li Tao. I did not expect to ask me to connect my relationship with each other.

Little bit of Li Yanqiu's version was; there. He said that Chen's program today "mentions morality" and asked Chen Shunwen if she had been exhibited in the past. Chen Huiwen was back to "News Nightclub" once or twice. Li Yanqiu lost the "Li Tao only in his eyes," and said that many know that she is going to take part in the Chen Weiwen program and ask her to "Chen". Ask Chen why he hates Li Tao? Chen Huiwen explained that Li Tao did not follow the process in the past, and he often changed the original subject with a large stroke. "It's hard to make an exhibition and earn money."

Li Yanqiu missed Chen Weiwen's quest and lost: "He is the only person who has been trying to Li Tao. What do you have to do with & # 39; fight it? " Listen to Wen Wenwen's smile. Li Yanqiu also said that the facts about the disagreement between Li Tao and Chen Weiwen are a great discomfort. Today she came to expose her & # 39; this case. Chen Huiwen also said, "No."

In the meantime, Chen Xingwen would work with Li Tao in the political program. The two had a bad impact at the same time. video, and after six years, Chen Xiewen returned to the TV series recently, which was much worse than the appearance. The device is also illegal. He said in the program that he has been successfully corrected in recent years and has gained more recognition for different voices, which has made many audience audiences; Feeling it has its refurbishment.

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