Li Zonghan, I do not need anything, and I have no images.



The best and those protected are trying to get rid of the label of "the first Chinese student of the Republic of China"; they are not red, and they refused to play "Mr Love".

Li Zonghan, I do not need anything, and I have no images.

When it is not filmed, Li Zonghan is a & # 39; most enjoyable.

Li Zonghan's direct emotional expression is direct talk. "I'm not red." "There is no flow." "It's even worse." Each time you are sending a question, you will not host the answer. Push. As he said, many people always feel that this person is not easy enough to meet them when they first meet them. When they are long, they find out that it is very "two".

The "Pentium Years" television series with Li Zonghan and "Deep After the Nam of the Special Forces" have just closed. From the early years of "Ding Jiangshan" to the hot film "Pan Jinlian is not" and "Love Love" series, he said he's been trying to "China's Republic" to be removed "First place.

1 The name of the whole daughter was changed to Li Zonghan.

Li Zonghan, formerly known as Li Li, is the "strength" strength. As the word "力" is equivalent to "莉, 丽, 俪", very small, almost every time you enter the school, there are same class name students . So Li Zonghan grew up and he was "Li Li (male)" him. Later on, Li Zonghan, known as Li Li, was awarded to the Beijing Dance Academy. His mother changed his name – Li Zonghan started from that time.

It may be the relationship of his name, or perhaps the relationship between Li Zonghan's vision and desire. Even & # 39; Nowadays, many people still believe he is an actor in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Li Zonghan asked his Weibo once "I'm not an actor in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I do not have to apply for an agreement when filming." (Note: If the Hong Kong team and Taiwan actors use, they must apply for a separate agreement.)

Li Zonghan's mother from Shanghai, is a father from Beijing, his parents are involved in opera, and are also connected to the opera. It grew up in the Beijing Opera Troupe. "The first floor of the house is the pre-hall hall. It is common to watch a movie." Due to the eyes, at the age of 6, there was something to come, the little actor who appeared in Qin Xianglian's daughter, staff; bripe and Li Zonghan parents. After consultation, he decided to replace some time.

"Tell me the director that this mother's sister played her, you can follow it, and there's no line. To get it tidy, it's a dragon." This knowledge, in the small world Li Zonghan, raised the seeds of his eyes. His mother gave him a drama class at his Cultural Palace, and he took part in the & # 39; competition and a selection of drama children's star. "As a result, when I got to the stage, I was weird. All the songs forgot. My mother thought it was too embarrassing."

Later on, Li Zonghan's father went to a local film and television production center as a photographer. At the same time, the television station was a film of children's welfare science film. The film maker saw that Li Zonghan was so good and good, and said he would let him come. "I still remember that it was a short film of four or five programs," Why is Lili's stomach seriously injured? ", In particular telling the children not to eat fewer leaves."

2 The team is a team leader drama school.

In 1985, the "Zhuge Liang" television series was filmed in Hubei. At that time, the young boy team had to play Zhuge Liang's son. "At that time, I went to the attention of a number of arts organizations to find small actors. They heard that Li Li had a short film in our school and they got me."

Li Zonghan watched Sun Guangming's director. The director found that Li Zonghan and actor Li Fa, who played Zhuge Liang, were something similar. "At that time, I followed the director to the crew. They told me that he was the father of Li Fa Zeng. I am dead. At the time of my death, I need to cry forever. "With his knowledge; has previously been burning, Li Zonghan is very advanced. "Although I have never learned to play, but crying, I cried."

This still-famous Li Zonghan play is a well-known Wuhan primary school. "Li Fazen has been a lot of interviews and the magazine cover was taken." But the filming was ready.

Until the first day of the first day, a Chinese Opera Academy was connected to Wuhan to record students. Neighbors and friends said he would try Li Zonghan. As a result, it was accepted as a # 39; first in the country. "I'm the squad leader, Yuan Quan is the tidy leader." This is the first time Li Zonghan left home. Although he has been successful in academic, he can not change to the hard life of the school. "We have 16 people in the bedroom, the cottage is very dirty, I do not often want to go."

After announcing two months, Li Zonghan went away with his parents and decided to be in a position; leaving the school and returning to Wuhan to continue with the small secondary school. Although the school did not work out to be & # 39; Reading, but this one year later, Li Zonghan's study of the Beijing Dance Academy was put to work. "The Opera Academy and Dance Academy are very close. When they go to Taoranting Park, they feel that both the Duchess brothers and sisters are both the principles and princess. Every day they are & # 39; come out with a beautiful character. "

3 Senior salaries into the dance group but difficult to make C

In the second year after Li Zonghan was returned to Wuhan to continue his studies, Beijing Dance Academy had a student registration in Wuhan, and renamed him again. "When I received the letter, my mother was pulling the house at home. Indeed, my parents did not help me to show the dance school first, saying I need to think about this time. If I go, I can not go out of school. "

Dance needs to see interesting situations and talents. Li Zonghan still felt that he had to be translated into error in the # 39; the ball. "I did a great deal in the national dance. We can learn a great ability, no matter what role. At that time, I was always standing in the middle, but when I reached the ballet, C. was not when I was dancing, especially at school, I can see it again. The prince would be one, and I could not jump when I was in school . After that, he must be a group dance. Not up to date. "

But he is still happy to be one of them. "Our school has a reputation with the Beijing Dance Academy and I usually spend it everywhere. After completing my training in the summer , I was sorry to change it. "

After graduating, a Li Zonghan class group was awarded to Guangzhou Ballet. "Guangzhou is an advanced stage of strong development in the early days of reformation and opening. Guangzhou Ballet has just been established. We have spread a lot Money is a monthly salary of 5,000. It is not bad. "After his retirement, Li Zonghan returned to Beijing Dance Academy for a year of paid employment. He returned to Guangzhou and was a little unhappy. "Because it's not an ambition, it looks like it's fine, but I know it's the end in the ballet range."

Li Zonghan began to meet his friend, from the train back to Guangzhou from Beijing, and met the ' Another party as vice director of the Zhujiang Film studio. The other party looked at the likeness of Li Zonghan and left the contact information. "He asked me a MP at the time. No device, I have, left me, let me go back and call it."

4 Xu Fan Tao Hong added that over Chinese age was introduced

Through this director Li Zonghan started to go to her; advertising. "In the first time I sent me to the ad, Mrs. Dong Jie, the senior friend, in front of us. We were all behind in the group . At that time, she was a celebrity in an advertising circle, and I was feeling like I had such a girl. " He had 500 expenses; in giving an advertisement, and then he rose to 800. "It will kill a day. I'll take her three days with her dance group. Give 40 yuan for one day . I'll lie in the living room for two days and I'll earn 680. "

In making advertising, Li Zonghan's artist enters the team as a group work, which Li Zonghan made apparent that he had a new goal in his life. "At that time, everyone said to me very much, because the average dancer is easy to kill, and everyone said that I am very natural."

After that, Li Zonghan was chosen to be a star in the "The Story of Hong Kong" television series. Tao Hong, who appeared together, said that Li Zonghan was advocating for a professional college. "She said: Your conditions are so good. After that, this place is too small. You should go to the Middle Drama Academy. Li Zonghan's mother also told Xu Fan for this." They knew very early. At that time, Xu Fan was already a real idea of ​​the humanity of Beijing. She said I'm in a good position and I can try it. "

When Li Zonghan went to Chinese opera, he was over age and he could only report to the youth college. He said that this is the result of the settlement, because staff are These young-class girls are the Chinese who are going to retire, allowing him to be at university level. The autumn is very rich.

5 "His first little student in the Chinese Republic" said he was a red man. there

Li Zonghan graduated that year, the school is not allocated, but he's been in a position; Performing from the youth year, he can earn his own teaching. When the graduate drama was done, a Li Zonghan school leaflet was stolen. "The area has been surprised for a few years. I sent to all the directors. I sat at the door of the drama school and cried for an hour. I feel that my income away. I started burning a big fever and burned for three days. I went to Longfu Hospital for a trip. I met Haizheng's deputy director. He asked me what the woman was. ; there, they said they had a picture called "Choppy" to find an actress. "A few days later, Li Zonghan I went to a mirror and I was chosen as the best actor. "I went to university without going to go, I went to Sanya to make a film, I went to 2000 yuan, there is money at the expense of a living, a rented house."

After that, Li Zonghan gave pictures of "One Foot Ding Jiangshan", "Wu Tong Yu", "Spring to Spring and Back", "Heaven and Earth Have Love" and many other plays, and won the title "a & The first student in the Chinese Republic ".

He said he wanted to turn off the ad and he made many attempts and tests, including Wu Yong in the "New Water Margin" and "Jian Yu" edited by Wu Yusen. "This is the first action drama, so many people I was inspired. The team gave me three inhabitants. I went to the scene to do a bit. The invasion art coach was let with the direct avatars. Tell me: You can, just? Then, on the drama, they also have seen my quality. "

After this, Li Zonghan returned to start hunting scenery. "But the red drama is not."

In 2015, Li Zonghan took the initiative to kill the "Mystery Sand" television series. "I know that there is so much character, I want to play." Li Zonghan was never as sad as he was waiting for a play. "Mystery Sand" is the only thing. I think I'm more than 30, I want to change, I can not play a nideo. When I know that I can play this role, I am very enjoyable. I'm very dark and it's very fat. I do not care more. I feel everyone recognizes my change.

6 have been refusing to play "Mr Love" because he does not want to go to # 39; playing pretty male

The film "Pan Jinlian" does not play Qin Yuhe, assistant of Li Xuelian, a character that Li Zonghan is memorable in recent years. "I know I've been familiar with the director of Xiaogang for so many years. He never thought of trying to work." After the release of the film, friends who did not send him a message to Li Zonghan during the year, saying that it was so good that everyone did not expect Li Zonghan to add down their idols and put your "dirty" mouth. "Indeed, I have never had an idol responsibility. I do not know why many people have been delighted with me. I always have to prove this."

Due to "No Pan Jinlian", searching for the "Mr. Love" television series Li Zonghan is preparing. "I tried to slash one in the first place. But then it was a bad person. I did not want to play it. Zhang Weiwei's representative showed me two or three times. e: We think that Actor is very good, and we feel that this character is simply a scam, and maybe the explanation of each person's attitude to changing . "

At the end, Li Zonghan still promised. It was a & # 39; feeling that he never showed the wonder of a white hawk in his jobs, so the style was made by himself. "I gave me the special mechanisms I did in the United Kingdom."

Following "Mr Love" broadcast, Li Zonghan saw the biggest idea of ​​Weibo. Where did you last in the last few years? After filming "Mystery Sand" filming, Li Zonghan has been fostering a father in the intensive care unit. This is over two years. "In the middle, I took a picture of" I'm not Pan Jinlian "because there are not many plays in it. The" Mystery Sand "is broadcasting a & # 39 Last program, my father is walking, and the broadcast is also very general, and so maybe it's feeling that I've disappeared a long time Time. "

7 "I do not get well", it's sometimes very "two"

Today, Li Zonghan does not accept one or two photographs annually. "I feel a bit bigger when I pick up the third one. I came back to filming, and it was not stopped. I think this is more helpful than the activity keep it. " Li Zonghan said, Indeed, he does not love this business, just by doing it; respecting his / her professor. "In the end, everyone was also an actor. Now they are known as stars and festivals. Each of the actors has an individual perspective. For example, We're all practical, we're not good at working, we all have a lot of money. I know that a group of actors like me have been working badly. "

Li Zonghan has never been a face hiding. For example, if he plays, he says, "It's not a stream artist. Why do you look at me?" He will also Speaking to others: "I'm not red!" Even with travelers I'm going to work a few days ago. After seeing your daughter, shout: & # 39; the & # 39; bad man! Then I'll look back on it: How can I break it! "

Li Zonghan, who is tightly just, takes care of people who are not in a position; get on well. Every time they go into the group, they are not willing to talk to it. When they are & # 39; Getting informed, many people find out that "very good."

I think I'm going to; I think I'm thinking I'm I think I'm thinking I'm I think I'm thinking I'm I think I'm thinking I'm I think I'm thinking I'm think it's good. Drinking alcohol, not smoking, a & # 39; staying late late, I slept at 11 o'clock. "

Write / New Researcher Pressist Zhang Kunyu / Newspaper New Beijing News Guo Yanbing

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