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If you keep a big eye on the world of video games, it's likely to be that Liam Robertson Do not be out, because he knows that he is a reliable agent with a very flexible information, and today we will give you some of your statements in which it fails to burn phones in the # 39; Our community who addresses topics such as the relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft, as well as its ability Repeat a suspended title once. Likewise, we will leave you summary of what he said again in a video that was recently uploaded to its channel YouTube:

  • H.A.M.E.R. Project (initially planned for the Wii) and Scalebound they have little votes to return to light after your compensation.
  • H.A.M.E.R. Project there was project crash which severely damaged the company.
  • Liam Robertson I can not speak correctly about the situation of Scalebound for legal matters.
  • PlatinumGames has several projects to tell.
  • Decision eliminate Scalebound there was agreed between PlatinumGames and Microsoft.
  • One of the major reasons that did not see the light because of it The current technology is The vision given for the title could not be possible.
  • It was a personal project; in Scalebound for your development team.
  • It will be reformed when it's done; Leave so many original team members who would oppose culture of PlatinumGames work.
  • There is a truth PlatinumGames has stopped a major project because of they did not have enough staff suitable for operation.
  • There is no reason Microsoft sells Scalebound, because it would be something damaging to them.
  • Robertson has heard that Nintendo and Microsoft are working on good things together.
  • … But Do not think that the money is to be purchased at PlatinumGames intellectual property Scalebound.

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