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Liaoning Daily News the last season, the Liaoning men's basketball team once stood up at the opening level, but the status of the leading players is very difficult to play. Convener of the best, Hudson, Guo Ailun is very tall and unexpected, Li Xiaoxu, who is returning, is still in a period of revival … Compared to the same time In the past season, although Liao's basket is only tied for third place, the main players have been in good condition, Hudson, Bass, Han Dejun and Guo Alun have grown No score points are more Zhao Jiwei has been restored to the team, the latest line of Liao's basket is no worse than any strong team in the league.

Liao Media: Guangdong There are 15 streak to win a game instead of work. The Liao basket is more spectacular

Saturday's baskets in the game against the Northern Constabulary team. Reporter Sun Haitao

However, if there is a higher level, the Liao Basket board needs more support from the team. In flat comparisons, Guangdong team can win a winning streak; 15-game game start. In case, there is a credit of his & # 39; company. They do not say that Wang Saikai and Zeng Fanri are the "new people of the second year", even they are just upgraded to a team. Young players such as Du Runwang and Xu Jie also moved to the middle of a & # 39; area. This should not be destroyed by strong talents than "eight crowns". The Beijing team, with the same record as the Liao basket, has played a wave of strip that has won nine games without a number of players. Zhang Cairen has done a lot. This is another player that has been working hard for a steady game in the past few seasons. Now it has become a defense player who can be alone. In contrast, the surprise of its Liao basket basket is not just a bit smaller.

After winning the festival, Liaoning's men's basketball team was in a position; keep it up to its stability and it was. The new face is not in the true understanding but one person; to join the first team. Because his Liao basket was employed by the national team this summer, the sheep could get involved in a series of warming games, including Zadar Championship. The progress is very clear. At the normal season opening season, the sheep had the opportunity to have a special opportunity. Even when the team suffered the worst wounds, they grew even the line moved. Generally speaking, although there is still a lack of knowledge in the criteria, it is very hard in the game. When he gets to shoot, he will not be pretty soft. For that, people will. See the spirit estate of the Liao Basket Protectors. This is especially valuable for a young player who has never appeared in the CBA class.

In addition, there is a "new person" in the Liao basketball team, which Gao Shiyan has returned from the Jilin team in advance to his rent. He has no longer been a member of the last year's team, and so Gao Shiyan is very much hopeful to prove this season. Before previous game objections, Gao Shiyan is not sufficiently stable on his / her; an attack head, and it's easy to make a few mistakes in the game, but its accomplishment on its destination is very spectacular. So far, Gao Shiyan has played 13 games. Although it is not possible to give only 4.5 points to each game, it can install 3.4 support and 1.7 stole it. It's not hard to see her as an excellent spot keeper. It is particularly valuable that Gao Shiyan has been responsible for identifying small overseas relief in a variety of games, fought for six offenses in three of the 13 trips. In terms of their game, Gao Shiyan is always fight with spirits, even if there are mistakes and sweepings, it's not upset. This situation decides that Gao Shiyan is still an essential member of the team.

The achievement of Yang Ming, Cong Mingchen and other in-room players in the first phase is so spectacular. The crime and protection of the team are greatly aided. The Liao basket can pass the most difficult part of the game from the beginning. And they can stay in the top four posts in the centers, they can not do it without their work. However, the regular season is a long process, and it is a good practice for the playoffs. If her Liao basket capable of maintaining "flexible troops" or expanding skills, For the team, it will be very beneficial.

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