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Original title: smog gain sand dust Liaoning is now entering the first major air pollution in winter

Xinhua News Agency, Shenyang, November 26 (Reporter Sun Renbin) Due to mechanical and other causes, Liaoning has had different levels of air pollution on the 26th. On the one-day afternoon, the dust calculated the quality of environmental aerial quality of 9 major cities in 14 towns in the Liaoning Department to achieve very poor levels of contamination.

According to the information of the Air Quality and Environmental Security Departure Air Quality System, at 21:00 on the 26th, there were among the 14 towns in Shenyang, Anshan, Fushun, Jinzhou, Liaoyang, Panjin, Tieling, Chaoyang and Huludao are significantly above air pollution.

The Center for Audit and Testing Division and the Center for Regional Studies have analyzed together and predicted that the northeast pressure of the east moved from the 26th to 27th, and sand and western dust distribution to the east, and some of the cities could be time of pollution, mist. Pol Pollution of dust measured, quality of air quality may increase 1-2.

In response to the air pollution process, Management Group for Sky Sky Project from the Local Government to "Distribute" Newsletter Recommendation to Do Good Works in the Major Air Pollution Process & # 39 ; lately ", requiring the appropriate towns to take into account the warning information and pre-imitation and air quality changes, and launch them shortly. Emergency plans, take effective steps to tackle serious problems.

According to the prejudice, on the 27th, which is adversely affected by cold air, the discharged levels turn better. The air quality in Liaoning Districts is expected to be very light for light contamination, and the western and coastal towns can be moderate. On the 28th to the 29th, due to the continuous cold air, the loose conditions are better. The overall quality of continental air is expected to be very light for light contamination, and the main fuel will be in beautiful fragments.

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