Liberet's football team went to semifinals, Kladno compared sriya to Brno


Back Shot Brno (Dark) vs. Kladno.

| Photo: Anna Vavrkov, t

Football players Liberet are in the extra league semifinals. In the Battle of Odolena Voda, the first two sets were lost, but they turned the duel and then turned 3: 1. Kladno did not let Brno's home down to 2: 2 behind.

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Vole odolena suffered two sets and a hundred sets of prophets. Eight times led 25:22, 25:20, and on the inside put back to 16:12 and he was the best way to balance the state of his crown. Then Dukla took a walk around John's mark, and a hundred hundred turned to 25:22 and won a set of 25:16 and 15: 7. try to give points. v vzzvv pisel 29 points.

In the tomb that was sent, we cannot stand against the opponent. We went to our house but we could not tear, we had no one. It was decided that the clay had to go very hard before going to school.

Musm off the Odolka. Hrla vborn. But I also value my boys, turning 0: 2 in front of a tunnel, a down hat, said Michal Nekola.

Kladno winners did not stand on the gates of the second and third prizes of Sria and found them not to be demolished. Today, however, the Stedoei became his favorite with the sound on his neck and on the seat that he struck after 25:15, 25:21, 25:21. At the definitive duel ptm, they enjoy a homo proverb on Sunday.

Phodium ekaj esk Budjovice and Ostrava in the semifinals are out of Karlovarsko.

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