Libya is still an eight year battle after the launch of Gaddafi News


A modern and democratic state is still a brutal dream in Libya a year after the rebound against the authorized rule of Muammar Gaddafi.

Although there are no significant signs for the anniversary of the outbreak that began on February 17, 2011 in the spring of the Arab spring, Libya praises great sadness for the Gaddafi days in a country that is have been & # 39; Emergency shift.

"I can not regret the time of Gaddafi because Libya today is a result of 42 years of systematic destruction," said Marwan Jalal, a 43-year-old oil business engineer, describing more than four decades of the autocrat in power.

"Faster or longer, Libyaich gets peace but the journey is long."

Libya Post-Gaddafi has been a freight, both on the ground and in politics, between several thousands of opponents and politicians who work with crime.

"The political and military divisions … are deeper and there are attempts to bring challenging constituents to their failure to date," said Claudia Gazzini, an analyst with her. International Credit Group. "There are no fast lines for answering the complex solution of Libya."

"There is no attempt to link Libya to need a united strategy with a political, security and economic partnership that builds and works together to a general aim."

Mahmoud Abdelwahid at Al Jazeera, reporting from Libya's capital Tripoli, said that while the country was suffering from political campaigns, military divisions and expansion with the strong military force of Khalifa Haftar in the southern part of the country, Libyans Still the anniversary of the start of the outfit.

"[People] saying that they have at least 40 years of impact at the end of the debate.

"Newer this year is that the Haftar forces threaten to come to the west side to Tripoli. On the other hand, there is a new consortium of the rebels that rise up against Gaddafi is now facing the face of Haftar, "said Abdelwahid.

"The face of the outbreak is unfortunately unfortunately for many people if there is a new round of conflicts [erupts] in the capital of Tripoli. Despite this, people still go out on the streets in cities to mark the eighth anniversary of the outbreak. "

& # 39; Purge & # 39; right

In the latest crisis, Haftar has made military improvement in southern Libya, and says that it aims to bring "terrorism" and foreign activists. The attack has triggered new tensions in a country that was destroyed by violence and was thrown between rival administration since Gaddafi was killed and killed.

The poverty was also used by traffickers of unscrupulous people who fully exploited the migration crisis.

The National Accord (GNA) government in Tripoli and parallel management with the support of Libyan National Armor (LNA) in the east end has a strong struggle to protect the country without a country without a lawless person. West-

The rough country that is linked to Algeria, Niger, Chad and Sudan has been a center for armed groups, including Chadian rebels.

In January, the LNA first named the effort to "clean the southern head of terrorists and criminal groups".

The department also provokes the struggle between the Libyan and Tubu community and Arab tribes, especially in the control of attractive attractive smuggling trails.

"It has been stopped to a large extent, partly because anti-Haftar forces in the north have stopped stopping into the fight, but there is a danger of reversing violence still and that relations with armed-based military organizations could be fragile, "according to Gazzini.

The trials of Tripoli have convicted the operation of Haftar as a power lot, although the NRA itself is not so clear.

& # 39; Escalation & # 39;

Analysts give warning that the LNA attack could improve efforts led by the UN to promote a "national conference" aimed at already organizing existing elections. year as a way out of the political disagreement in Libya.

But "the current delays and the solution surrounding the event with the help of the UN have decided on important constituencies that are now facing roots. other outlets outside the UN framework to strengthen the situation, "said Gazzini.

Emad Badi, Libya's auditor, warned that "current developments supporting increasing and military rivals actors rather than dialogue".

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