Lidl and Iceland recall materials due to hazardous hazards


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Lidl and Icelandic merchants have issued an emergency food record to inform the end of this weekend after the unauthorized presence of allergies in some materials.

Ice-resistant ice cream Icelandic presents today that Speedibake Takeaway 10 Garlic Slices is being taken back, as there is milk.

However, the algorithms are not listed correctly on the document.

"This means that there is a health hazard that can be for anyone with anarchism or sufferers for milk or milk electors," Speedibake's commentary on a website FSAI a & # 39; read.

Information from the Irish Food Safety Authority (FSAI) yesterday reported that six packs of Mister Choc Choco & Caramel six packs are being returned as Caramel Peanut Bar could be some of the packages.

There are peunuts in these bars, but the tailor is not specified on the packaging of a six-packed Mister Choc Choco & Caramel bag.

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