Lieutenant Lee Hye-hoon suspects that bubbles were included, at the end of last month –


Inntrig 2019.02.09 00:02

Lee Hye-hoon received a complaint complaint on 28 August about taxation that a bill of thousands was won for the right lawsuit in the future.

Central Seoul Area Center Office, the third Division of the Office of the Chief Examiner, said on July 8, "We have investigated Lee as a suspicion of a breach that has been said regarding bribery and political property laws. "

According to the law, Lee suspects to accept ten million awards from Jomo from October 2015 to March 2017 as a result of business provision. Lee said, "I have borrowed money from Mr Osh, but I paid it."

In November last year, the police charged a charge for allegations regarding the breach of the Political Police Act and a 20 million bribery won in cash received after the election, for the value worth won about 15 million before and after the general election.

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