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To win a boost for Singapore, they have to meet at least four goals at the National Park of Singapore at 18:30 today (21-11).

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Singapore is not easy to make a four-step goal against East Timor

Ahmad Fandi coach said to the Singapore papers: "Four goals, we have identified four goals tonight in East Timor, and we can do that. Scoring is four times my students Making and the compulsory order. Although Timor-Leste was eliminated, Singapore had "hit or die" with a huge victory.

At the moment Singapore is the third part in Group B with Indonesia 1-0 and was lost to 0-1 of the Philippines, with an additional score of 0. At the same time, Thailand is in the main place with its six points after two games and a difference of 11/2, the Philippines did; ruled. the second one with six points and 4-2.

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Singapore has a great deal tonight

The Ahmad Fandi coach went on to say to the papers of Singapore, "If we can not turn one or two goals on East Timor, it would not be without use.

He was not surprised at the dream of Singapore also to pull his brothers that he was expecting a home team to affecting four times Tim Tim East, and the game with Thailand now "over" the host of Scotland, the Philippines to Indonesia. Indonesia's hospitality was repeated again At that time, the second best in Singapore was strong.

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The Ahmad Fandi coach wanted East Timor's four-goal deterioration

But life is not like a dream. Aim for hitting East Timor, four visitors go up difficult to make it difficult. East Timor has no pressure, they play innocent. In the evening East Timor is expected to play "out of corn potatoes" to find an honorary winner to leave the competition. There are many technical technologies at East Timor but their team from football backup is that the competition is so low and there are not many teams.

Look at how the Philippines won the East Tiger. Tonight, East Timor will have an impact on winning the prize where it is not easy to give up.

Singapore can hit the East Timor tonight, but four goals are very difficult. Fat Ahmad to be careful.

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