Life of Gustavo Cerati, reconstituted by his love


The documentary exhibits unpublished archive material, such as this image of the youngest artist and news stories told by his family, his friends and former Stereo Zodiac Bosio and Charly Alberti Stereo Belief: NatGeo

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BIOS: Life marked by you, consecrated

Gustavo Cerati

. In two hourly programs, follow the documentary, composed by Sebastián Ortega and led by China Javiera Mena, reconstructing the life of the leader of

Stereo Soda

. And he did this through his companion's direct testimonies, the musicians who were with him in different stages of his one-person position; his mother, Lilian Clark; her sisters, Laura and Estela, and their children, Benito and Lisa. And Cerati, who tells his story in interviews, some are unpublished, together with many archive material.

After Shakira, Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti, he told the musician based on his own ideas ("I think this gave him great pleasure and he did not know how to finish on the things that gave him pleasure ", the person who is, the initiative begins with Mena to reach Clark's house for a family family with all the clan Cerati. to travel to the room in which the musician was alive until his first Stereo Soda record appeared, Laura will listen to the recording of a time in which Juan José, father, Make sure that it is a radio journalist who brings new talent to listeners: his son Gustavo, who is just six years old, who is a # 39 ; sing a song.

This audio is a way of inspiration to clarify Cerati's support for his family. "If there is something that you do not have to regret the continuation of the children's calling, whatever they are," said Mac a Presbyterian, who is also a & # 39; identifying her husband's responsibility to give records and instruments to a son every time he traveled for work for the United States. Gustavo himself emphasizes the support from an interview made in 1990 in which he says: "They are still my protection, every time I sign up, I'm telling them and I hope they'll get in and I'll come closer. "

Zeta Bosio is responsible for explaining how they met at the University of El Salvador's advertising analysis, and there is Ana Saint Jean, Cerati's lover at that time, giving a girl an unexplained song by Cerati when they were together, and Melody remembers "Do Madness", and later enrolled in her own role. Then, the conversation will be arrested on & # 39; since its inception, compiled by re-inventions and a Cerati file certification, which distinguishes a smile: "It's a comb and three of us."

A trip to Marabú, where Soda Stereo made its first performances, together with Adrián Taverna, the three historian soundtrack, a starting point for rapid review of the body's rise. The vertiginous rhythm is not allowed to & # 39; Focusing on special occasions, but there are plenty of unpublished material, such as images of exhibitions during Sodamania, scenes in design rooms or moving from one destination to another and a new certification from Cerati where he recognizes During that explosion, he tried to divide his band to a tired part at an airport in Costa Rica. Successfully double life and later exhibited in Buenos Aires continues to go to # 39; recording animal songs in the United States, with the company's directors to guitar guitar "Entre caníbales" and "One million light years" guitar. You can also see how Melero includes summer with Cerati and anti-pronounced by his colleagues, Encourage moving back to Chile, with a recording of
Yellow love and the birth of his son Benito as a new column.

This research for new beer also works as the prelude to divide the separation of the Stereo Soda. The Alternative Ferro Festival is a varied and extraordinary and first-time Lisa daughter
The last concert, at the Stadium, in 1997. After his post in charge of forgetting the electronic project of Plan V, Leo García has a " explain on genesis
Knocked out and tells how many of the words that were inspired by the book The Seven Spiritual Success of Success, by Deepak Chopra.

There is a cut in the time line that means that Benito and Lisa are in a position; emphasizing the closest part of Cerati: his genre as a father. Photographs of games between home, families living in San Martin de los Andes and a record of an acidic house that houses Elderly registered children with a five year old age.

Benito is just analyzing how Cerati had previously returned to a rock guitar. "He was unhappy that he was getting things that, though he did what he wanted, he did not do so well", an indirect comment on moving
He is always today a
There we are going.

From his success he has a single album to Stereo Soda; back, with the degree of confidentiality in which he was proven, and Daniel Daniel's difficult discussions made with the three members of the band so they would agree on their charters that they would a & # 39; going to sign. The author's health is "Of light music" to her & # 39; first arm when thrombosis needed his doctor's warnings to be the subject of his / her; going on that trip, although in García's own words, "he made a decision to stay full and worry about the effects."

Cerati family in Lilian Clark's house, the home where Gustavo's youth room is still preserved
Cerati family in Lilian Clark's house, the home where Gustavo's youth room is still preserved Belief: NatGeo

With the latest shows on the return of the Stereo Soda on the screen (and describing a number of speeches and debates to seal a seal on issues and wounds), Charly Alberti, publishing with saying that he was among the three musicians who did not have the idea; finishing his story: "We said:" Let's stop now ", and every four or five years we visit, we had a wonderful time, we did a record and then a & # 39; continue with each one, and that's what we left ". After that program's schedule, the following is a & # 39; the Fuerza natural recordings, the latest studio record and the one that is deeply recorded in Bios. Everyone involved puts pressure on how Cerati's has been. Feeling a special relationship with today and today and today, which the musician itself rises from an interview in which he says: "Over the age, a thousand months of life is needed enjoy the trip and save more fingers ". This is shown by the displays back from the room to show the album, and the coral air he composed with his musicians.

Javiera Mena, in the position of director and interview and Benito Cerati
Javiera Mena, in the position of director and interview and Benito Cerati Belief: NatGeo

A fragment of his last exhibition in Caracas and behind his picture with his band when he finished completing his / her. play (and as long as he was receiving his / her first mark of the ACV that was killed four years later) the end to the end of his own story, in Bosio and Alberti describe their & # 39; Last meeting with Alcla's clinic, and where you can appreciate the incredible integrity of Lilian Clark over the past four years.

As a conclusion, family musicians and their friends will be meeting in Unison to explain a version of "Natural Force" that changes between parts of the first one. The use of editing and image images that play to The idea that Cerati is present with them in the studio, is one of the best performances of the documentary.

Even with bad periodic contracts (his electronic projects, Dynamo, Stereo Dream and many of his soloists) and the failure of major certificates (Richard Coleman does not know in the story), Bios is keep with her An interesting value is to open a gap into faithful figures of talent as well as the demise that he held in his private world.

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