The widow Andy Vajna showed the information about her funeral at the funeral.

On the Instagram page, Tímea Vajna made a brief description of her speech at the funeral of Andy Vajna. His voice repeatedly repeated several times in the lecture. At the beginning of the lecture, he looked up, "the souls are there," then they added to

Andy gave signs that we would be here on Earth for at least 40 days and helping me answer many questions.

He remembered what Andy Vajna had told him about the wedding: he had to wait for 38 years, but he returned to her; youth.

You always say that I'm so sorry that I can always laugh and you always smile. You loved you, but this time you did very badly.

He also said that Andy Vajna always said that he would still live, so "nobody thought we were living here and he was going."

Arnold Schwarzenegger also spoke at the funeral, said she was a really active hero in Vajna. Andy Vajna died on January 20, which was buried on 31 January in Budapest. There will be a second funeral in Los Angeles.

(via Blick)

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