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Imagine listening to ears in your ears, like a melody out of a tune, except only and inside your head. "I do not know what the distance is for five years," said Natalie Lue to the BBC.

Tinnitus is the term used when someone hear sounds that n; coming from the body itself, not from external sources. "Even when my light thinness, far from its reach at the worst, I still have to hear low shoes," Natalie says. mourning.

Tinnitus can affect anyone, but it is more common among people older than 65.

People who have tinnitus often say they are "hearing" in the ears, but the sound can be between whistles, red, and # 39 ; click, and split.

Lue says he listens to all kinds of sound and they are getting more intense according to the emotional state.

"For me, the biggest emphasis is in greatest stimulus. If I do too many things, if I stress something hard, or if I'm putting pressure up to sleep, my thinness is getting worse. "

According to Mayo Clinic and the NHS, British health service, there are several causes that can cause or cause tinnitus. Sometimes it happens due to the damage to the inner ear cells.

Spotless eyes are moving inside their earrings when they are; responding to the noise wave pressure. Our brain translates these symptoms as sounds If the gulls bend or swell; break, they can create a series of electrical devices without a & # 39; making sound.

But the reasons for tinnitus are usually the following: high sounds tonight; hearing loss; wound head; message disease; side by side; stress.

In some cases, the cause of tinnitus must be caused by health problems and injuries or sustained diseases. affecting nerves inside the inner or middle ear of the brain.

Escort and & # 39; treating tinnitus

Everyone may have a short time of tinnitus, according to the NHS, especially after a presentation. High-speed scenes are one of the obstacles, as there is a pressure – as is the case with Natalie Lue.

"It's best for me to take care of myself, to manage the responsibility and to keep under control," she said.

Other ways to stop tinnitus are to use audio protection when there is a strong sound, not to abusive the number of people listening to music or seeing a movie, and ability cardboard good, because tinnitus can occur as a result of deficiency in the operation of blood vessels Post-

There is no way to cure it, but doctors usually recommend sound remedies, mental remedies, or cure tinnitus.

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