Light Heavy Exhaust: The Avengers 4 & # 39; showing a title and a & # 39; first official SonarFM trailer


The last battle against Thanos arrives at the theater in May 2019.

Throughout 2018, fans Marvel They should deal with the image of the favorite characters that disappear in a rapid sun. Thanos, the oldest of all of these series Avengers & # 39 ;, He achieved his ultimate goal & # 39; War Infinity & # 39; to destroy 50% of the life in the acronym, and as a result of its & # 39; Anxious issue of Marvel / Disney's failure to come to an end.

However, it's not Infinity War & # 39; the end: inside May 2019 first event Avengers: Recorder & # 39;, the film that eliminated everything that came before, and the last fight of our heroes against Thanos.

As well as publishing the movie's title (which was so far known as Avengers 4 & # 39;), Marvel let her go; first search of & # 39; Endgame, which is displayed Iron Man, Captain of America, Thor, Widow Dubh and Ant Man (Hawkeye is there too, but he takes care of her) final finishing design to support the apocalyptic events of Infinity War & # 39; turned.

As this is the last movie for several characters of the Marvel Cinematographic Feature, we do not know that all the lecturers will live (and maybe), but at least the trailer has a & # 39 ; look good.

You can see it below:

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