Light Heavy Extreme "More and more distressing": Boric will make use of ideas from the UN RN and Bachelet interest


Sile We have come up with everything to protect the Government's defense to take the country away United Nations Immigration Agreement, in the middle of controversy on the manner in which it was mentioned, work that was sent to the Sub-Director of the Interior and not to the Foreign Ministry, as has been historically related to these definitions.

From the right, all arguments have been taken to prove the decision, even using wrong facts, as the deputy RN Camila Flores, says that "big countries are & # 39; leave the UN "with this kind of agreement, which did not happen. These ideas have been added to the applicant now Paulina Núñez, from the same party.

"The left is responding to international organizations because they have been employed by a majority. It is not surprising that the President Bachelet is square with the UN, because he is whose salary is paid by the UN. In migration they could not make a decision. There will now be nothing to do something, "said the legislation for the international situation of the former chairman of the Siles as Senior Commissioner for Human Rights of the organization.

Talk to & # 39; This opinion, the candidate Gabriel Boric (MA) was quested as he said and said "the right of the Migration Agreement We accept what is going on. becoming increasingly embarrassed. Now they indicate that the protection of multi-campaigns in the former Foreign Ministers is because they are paid by international organizations. "

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