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The amazing child of J.K. Rowling lines are very difficult to be represented when the young people are adults and are used to magic world.

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Every year between 1998 and 2011, with the exception of 2006 and 2008, there was a new induction in the town Harry Potter row, either on the page or on the screens. All new entrants allowed the opportunity to return to work Potter world, a hidden but self-contained environment (to its end) in the world, and every product meant, in the word, everything: to escape from the real world, opportunity have looked at Hogwarts and global contexts of the narrative series, spending more time with characters that we know and do; grow even the way the statement is & # 39; expand, and most of them, for a short time, be young again.

At the best, the Harry Potter There will be stories that affect both as a while. influencing and portraying something that is not just what we know of tourists. If travel journals needed accessibility, pages in a large number of the Earth's population would have stamps for trips to and back to Hogwarts. One time, J.K. Rowling made more than story writing and picking up a tree. It mapped a complete system-system for readers to lose their own, and see themselves.

It is fair to expect Fantastic Bees and Where to find them, the first movie in the & # 39; town Potter prequel spinal seeds, and the re-movement, Fantastic Brooches: Crindelwald Crimes, newly released in the playground this weekend, to meet audiences with the same spirit. But they are not. Actually, they can not. Essentially, these films are separated from that spirit; they are Potter movies for adults, and note to that Potter, even in infancy, for adults almost as well as children. You would try to draw equality between those people. Rowling wrote the books with children's listening. But I wrote them in terms of talking to us without having to stand on the age spectrum too. Rowling created a universal, and blessed it with a common language.

2016 Fantastic Bees and Where to find them to have knowledge of that language, something surprising but capable of giving it from the twentieth century and its. a five year gap separated from the original story of Rowling. Perhaps it is the worst – a great way. It has a character, a different version of the page (the title is derived from a book that was taught at Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry School) with a plot – identifying more rust than rubbish. There is a way to delete your usage to & # 39; trademark devolution. But inside Fantastic Brooches: Crindelwald Crimes, craft is included with the licensing maintenance moderator, which will Delivering cohesion and quality at an ambition altar. This is a movie with great designs for Potter world, but it is out of their heart to see them.

That's about how generous both these two films are worthy of. in the Potter row, imagination of the atmosphere. There is magic, such as narrative and emotion; designing an appliance, inventing imagination, real, but Rowling imagined in her adult, once it was obvious that there was a magic, he was totally ill. coming into places where magic is a daily fact. Moving to a culture where food is & # 39; Washing themselves, the burns are as simple as smart phones and totally more useful, and transport modes that seem to enjoy it; society that includes caterpillars, a & # 39; Introducing the mind alone. Depressed through the eyes of a child, the so-called surprise Harry PotterIdentity is a great benefit from creative imagination. You are familiar with and & # 39; Finding an endless and flexible magic power with Harry the terrible one.

Clothing do not appear Grindelwald CrimesNext Post will be replaced by "aw" that shows a disappointment when it is & # 39; The expectation of rigorous financial approval expectations. Remember because they are not even & # 39; and start. Adults, in the home Potter world, making tight warriors; their vision informed with everyday life. First Beasts very good A film, at least, includes a non-magic characteristic vision, and that vision Put the movie into an incredible stream around its beds. Here, he has just carried someone else to the wonders of his wizards. Adults are more suited as leaders and supporters, who continue to help Rowling's children. Their awareness is given Harry Potter that, when he was young, an adult child. They stop to & # 39; grow.

They are not able to change or surprise us. Even Severus Snape (Alan Rickman), after turning the sea into The Prince Half-Fala, appearing as a hero. But the bravery of Snape is not in development. It is important to whom Yes, before the big events of Rowling's novels. Inner adults Harry Potter tend to be. They are completely. Fantastic Brooches: Crindelwald Crimes to be a mobile converter. His characters are unusual. As a result, the field is awesome.

You can capture the film crimes that have been made Grindelwald Crimes. But the biggest thing to do is & # 39; abandon everything that makes youth energy Harry Potter value to spend time to start.

Fantastic Brooches: Crindelwald Crimes

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